Executive MSc degree with NICE

Announcing our new Executive Master's programme in collaboration with NICE

Offering skills in health services research, health economics, outcomes research, and health policy.

Skills in evaluating health care interventions and outcomes are increasingly important for professionals

Professor Elias Mossialos, Head of Department

NICE has had nearly 20 years’ experience in evidence-based health care decision making and we are excited to be supporting LSE to share our expertise

Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive of NICE

The Executive MSc in in Evaluation of Health Care Interventions and Outcomes  will be run by the Department of Health Policy at LSE, with support from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which is known internationally for its contribution to the quality and efficiency of health care and the scientific rigour of its approach.

The programme is aimed at professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including the medical professions, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, healthcare management, government and non-governmental organisations. It will take two years to complete, with modules held in four intensive two-week periods over two years, meaning that it can be undertaken alongside full-time work.

The programme aims to:

  • Equip health care professionals with advanced technical skills and substantive knowledge to critically appraise, design, conduct, report, and discuss qualitative and quantitative evaluations of health care interventions, programmes, and policies.

  • Empower students to draw on interdisciplinary perspectives in addressing health care challenges across varied income settings and in a global context.

  • Enable students to examine policy-relevant case studies and a diverse range of literature through rigorous scientific analysis, and transfer these skills to non-academic careers.

  • By delivering teaching in collaboration with NICE, the programme aims to examine critical perspectives with an emphasis on real-life application of tools and techniques in health care evaluation.

The Executive MSc in Evaluation of Health Care Interventions and Outcomes is open for applications, and the programme will begin in April 2020