Health Talks Podcast

Listen to our Department podcast on current health and care issues and policies

In HealthTalks, Dr Rocco Friebel explores the latest developments in health and care markets around the world.

Together with co-hosts Meskerem Kebede, Tom Hannah and Robin Forrest, the podcast by the Department of Health Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science contributes to an informed and evidence-based discussion of health policy issues for students, academics, policymakers, and anyone else with a general interest in health policy.

Each episode discusses a specific, hot problem and explores multifaceted possible solutions. We aim to advance and challenge listeners understanding of health systems and the social, economic, and political contexts in which they operate.


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1. Universal Basic Income: Pathway to a healthy society?

Countries across the world have seen surges in popularity for new financial redistributive policies that aim to tackle inequalities in a completely new way.

By refocusing the debate around health, my guests argue Universal Basic Income can create a healthier, more sustainable world for individuals and society.


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2. Left to die? The impact of COVID-19 on the long-term care sector.

The long-term care sector has been off the radar from policymakers, politicians, and the public in many countries and for many years – until now.

Adelina Comas-Herrera from the London School of Economics argues that the COVID-19 pandemic has opened a window of opportunity to address some of the fundamental issues faced by the long-term care sector internationally.


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3. Drug and Vaccine Development in Africa: unanswered ambitions or future reality?

The current pandemic has created the urgent need to supply vaccines and therapeutics fast and at large scale - though many countries are unable to procure sufficient medicines for their populations.

Dr Abebaw Fekadu from the Center for Innovative Drug Development and Therapeutic Trials for Africa shares his insights into the landscape for drug discovery and development in Africa.

What are the opportunities created by the pandemic - if any?

And waht are the concrete steps needed to enable African countries to set up drug development and manufacturing?



Espisode now live.