EHPG Meeting

Impacts of COVID-19 in Europe: perspectives from the social sciences

The European Health Policy Group is a multidisciplinary network that aims to stimulate international collaboration and learning through comparative analysis of changes to health care systems in Europe. The group meets twice a year to discuss research papers. The Group hosted an online event on Friday 21 May 2021 to discuss Impacts of COVID-19 in Europe: perspectives from the social sciences.

Please find below select recordings and presentations from the event.


Governance of the COVID-19 response in the European Union: critical perspectives - watch here


Presenter - Christos Stylianides (European Commissioner for Human Aid & Crises Management, 2014-2019)


Protecting mental and physical health in Europe during COVID and beyond - watch here



Presentation slides - delivered by Hans Dubois, Tadas Leoncikas & Sanna Nivakoski (Eurofound)
Discussant slides - Valerie Moran (Luxembourg Institute of Health & Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research)


Coping with Corona: Hospital care structures and capacity expansion in five countries - watch here

coping with corona

Presentation slides - delivered by Mirelle Cacace (Katholische Hochschule Freiburg)
Discussant slides - Laia Maynou-Pujolras (LSE)


Better safe than sorry? Unmet needs for health care during the COVID-19 crisis in Austria - watch here

Unmet needs Austria

Presentation slides - delivered by Andrea E. Schmidt (Austrian National Public Health Institute)

Discussant slides - Peter Sivey (University of York)



Any lessons to learn? Pathways and impasses towards health system resilience in post-pandemic times - watch here

Any lessons learned

Presentation slides - delivered by Benjamin Ewert (Fulda University of Applied Science), Roland Bal, Iris Wallenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam) & Ulrike Windblad (Uppsala University)
Discussant - Nicolas Myers (Alberta Health Services)