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From Strategy to Delivery: lessons on scaling innovative technology from the COVID-19 pandemic

Hosted by Global Health Initiative

MAR.2.10, Marshall Building, United Kingdom


Dr Emma Hannay

Dr Emma Hannay

Chief Access Officer, FIND


Dr Justin Parkhurst

Dr Justin Parkhurst

Department of Health Policy

Join us for a hybrid event featuring guest speaker Emma Hanney. 

Dive into the world of healthcare innovation as we explore the critical moments that defined our global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover the essential elements that led to the successful deployment of cutting-edge technologies on an unprecedented scale, and learn how these invaluable lessons can be applied to future global health challenges.

Emma Hanney, FIND's Chief Access Officer and leader of the ACT-Accelerator Diagnostics Partnership, will share her expertise and experiences in global health strategy and delivery. With an impressive background in implementing health systems reforms in complex operating environments, Dr Hanney's insights will illuminate the path to rapid technology scaling in times of need.

Throughout her career, Dr Hanney has been at the forefront of global health innovation. As the Head of Health at Acasus, she played a pivotal role in transforming primary care for over 150 million people through the Pakistan Health Reforms Roadmaps and increasing immunisation coverage for children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. With additional experience as the manager of the Market Dynamics Team at Unitaid and as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company, Dr Hanney brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this captivating event.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from a global health leader who has successfully navigated the turbulent waters of health emergencies, emerging with crucial insights that will shape our approach to future challenges. Whether you choose to attend in person or virtually, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience that will inspire and inform.

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