Conflict and Mental Health Poster Competition

Can you share your research as a poster? 

Posters can illustrate your research findings, theories, models and ideas in a visually compelling way. They are an increasingly popular way of illustrating research, and are often used at conferences and in print and online media to convey complex information succinctly.

Poster Competition Information

Staff and students working on research topics related to mental health or conflict settings across the School are invited to submit a poster that illustrates your research findings, theories, models and ideas in a visually compelling way. The purpose of the exhibition is to showcase the breadth of health research currently underway at the LSE and to enable researchers to share and discuss their work with colleagues. Posters need to be broadly related to either theme but do not need to address both.

If your poster is accepted into the exhibition, it will be:

Printed (free of charge) and displayed at the Global Health Initiative Conflict and Mental Health Event on 13 February 2020. You will be expected to attend to exhibit your work.

Winning posters will be displayed on the LSE Global Health Initiative website.


If you need any guidance on creating your poster submission then the LSE Research Festival Toolkit (the Research Festival hosts a similar poster display annually) has some useful advice. Details are available here.

Academic societies increasingly have poster sessions at their annual conferences, and some require junior scholars who are first-time attendees to submit posters before they can present papers. Posters are an ideal way of presenting research in a succinct form, and presenting a poster provides a way into the professional academic network of scholars. 

Judging Criteria 

Posters will be judged by an expert panel made up of staff and student representives and will be judged against the following criteria:


Organisation: How well is structure employed to organise text and images?

Presentation: Do the graphics, colour, font, and density of information enhance or detract from the message?

Clarity: Are the arguments contained in the poster coherent? Are they clear to a general audience? 

Submission Information 

Staff and students are welcome to submit more than one poster and/or headlined abstract for display. 

Posters should be created in A1 (841 x 594mm) or be suitable for  reproduction in A1


Posters must be submitted as high resolution files, either as Power Point, PDF or .tiff files


To submit your file you will need to upload it to WeTransfer and get a download link to add to your entry form


To submit your poster, please complete a submission form below


The deadline for submissions to the LSE Global Health Initiative Poster Exhibition is 31 January 2020



The deadline for submissions is on Friday 31 January 2020

Email us on if you have any questions. 



Conflict and Mental Health Poster Competition Form

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