Xian  Wu

Xian Wu

PhD Candidate in Regional and Urban Planning Studies

Department of Geography and Environment

English, German, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Urban Planning, Left behind areas, Landscape Architecture, Wellbeing

About me

With several years of dedicated work in addressing urban inequalities, I have embarked on my journey at LSE to delve deeper into the intricate relationship between the built environment and the well-being of residents in marginalized urban areas. My primary objective is to contribute substantively to the body of evidence and develop sustainable, long-term solutions for combating urban inequalities.

My doctoral research, situated within the esteemed Geography and Environment department's Regional and Urban Planning Studies program, revolves around urban planning responses to disadvantage and discontent. I am fervently driven to explore the intricate connection between the quality of built environments and the well-being of inhabitants in underserved neighborhoods.

My academic journey has been marked by an interdisciplinary approach, commencing with a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from South China Agricultural University and culminating in a Master's degree in Landscape and Wellbeing from the University of Edinburgh. This diverse educational background equips me with a unique perspective and skill set to tackle the complex challenges of urban planning.

Complementing my academic pursuits, my professional experience in the fields of urban village reconstruction, ancient village renewal, and habitat garden maintenance in low-income communities since 2018 has provided me with invaluable practical insights, most recent at Tongji University in Shanghai and TNC (The Nature Conservancy) in China.

Provisional thesis title
How the sense of well-being relates to urban design characteristics: a perspective from people living in left-behind neighborhoods 

Research interests

  • Health inequalities
  • Environmental Justice
  • Public health and wellbeing
  • Left-behind areas


Dr Alan Mace
Dr Nancy Holman


Expertise Details

Urban planning; Left behind areas; Landscape architecture; Wellbeing