Automation and the Future of Work: what, when, where?

Hosted by the Department of Geography and Environment



Laura Frigenti

KPMG International and Executive Director

Prof Lisa De Propris

Professor of Regional Economic Development

Dr Stijn Broecke

Senior Economist, OECD

Are we doomed to lose our jobs? According to the World Economic Forum, 43% of businesses surveyed in 2020 plan to reduce their workforce due to the integration of Industry 4.0 technologies.

Yet with risk comes opportunity. Technology is rapidly creating and transforming the types of jobs available in the future. Thirty-four percent of firms also plan to expand their workforce. What do these trends mean for rich and poor countries?

The 2021 Local Economic Development Forum at the London School of Economics aims to unpack the role of the government, donors, and the private sector in ensuring that Industry 4.0 works for society, not against it.

Does i40 widen inequalities in labour markets? What policies are needed to ensure that i40 leaves no-one behind?

Join us for a discussion on the future of work with Ms Laura Frigenti (KPMG), Prof Lisa De Propris (University of Birmingham) and Dr Stijn Broecke (OECD), moderated by Miquel Vidal Bover (MSc LED student).

This event is organised by the students of the MSc Local Economic Development at LSE.