Transnational 'Anti-Gender' Movements and Resistance: Narratives and Interventions


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From September 2022 - January 2024, the network invited theorists, activists, and policymakers already working on 'gender ideology' to explore intellectual resources for new frameworks for politics and theory and also participate in four transnational workshops around themes of Politics, Geographies, Temporalities and Transnational Imaginaries.


Mapping and resisting the gender phantasm in Latin America: geographies of 'anti-gender' movements'

11th–12th April 2023, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Workshop Programme

Panel 1                                                            

Anti-gender politics in Latin America: A cartography of what we do know and of what we need to know better

Speakers: Sonia Corrêa (SPW), Ailynn Torres Santana (FLACSO Ecuador & Rosa Luxemburg Foundation), Talita Tanscheit (UERJ), Diego Hurtado (Santiago, Chile), Diana Granados (Universidad Nacional de Cauca, Colombia) & Maria Luiza Peralta (Akahatá, Argentina)   

Discussant: Alyosxa Tudor (SOAS) TBC

Panel 2

Anti-gender politics in LA: when & how the national & international intertwine      

Speakers: Marco Aurelio Prado (NUH -UFMG Brazi)l, Andrea Dip –Free University of Berlin, Mauro Cabral (TBC)

Discussant: TBC


Convergences and fractures at play at the intersection of anti-gender politics, racism and coloniality

Speakers: Sayak Valencia (México), Flavia Rios (Brazil), Carla Rodrigues (Brazil), Sumi Madhok (LSE)

Chair: Sonia Corrêa (SPW)

Day 2

Panel 1:Narratives of Latin American Resistance                       

Speakers: Morena Herrera (Agrupación Ciudadana, El Salvador), Denise Carreira (USP & Teachers Network against Ultraconservatism in Education), Bruna Benevides (ANTRA, Brazil), Matilda Gonzales (Red Comunitaria Trans)

Discussant : TBC


How to resist anti-abortion and anti-gender politics in local legislative bodies?

A conversation with a feminist municipal council member & a  trans parliamentarian recently elected to the State of Rio Assembly (TBC)


Some limited slots for registration are available for those interested in attending the conference. For more information on this please email  nanasoares@abiaids.org.br and tatianem.amaral@gmail.com expressing your interest. 




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