Transnational 'Anti-Gender' Movements and Resistance: Narratives and Interventions


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This important conference 'We are the feminisms in the lecture theatres (and in the streets)' is organised by our Advisory Committee member Alyosxa Tudor, at the Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS with a range of other Advisory Committee members also aspeaking. To register and for more information visit here.



Sonia Correa

On Tuesday 29 November 2022 our Advisory Committee member Sonia Corrêa moderated this online event on current attacks on gender and LGBTIQ+ people in Latin America, particularly those that have taken place during the pandemic. The event is also the occasion for launching the English version of an e-book that compiles a series of national reports that account for the state of "anti-gender ideology" attacks in the region, which have experienced a worrying rise. Those interested can register here

Speakers: Tomás Ojeda, Centre for Transforming Sexuality and Gender - University of Brighton; Almudena Rodríguez, L' Associació de Drets Sexuals I Reproductius; Françoise Girard, Feminism Makes Us Smarter LLC

Moderator: Sonia Corrêa, Sexuality Policy Watch