Working papers

Our latest research papers on long-term care (social care), mental health, developmental disabilities, and other health issues

The CPEC Working Paper Series is a continuation of the PSSRU Discussion Paper Series.


Working paper #11: Reforming the funding of adult social care - costs and impacts of the government’s proposal

Ruth Hancock, Bo Hu, Raphael Wittenberg, Derek King and Marcello Morciano on behalf of the CASPeR team (June 2022)


Working paper #9: Findings from the Kooth Evaluation

Madeleine Stevens, Francesco D’Amico, Javiera Cartagena-Farias, Charlotte Mindel, Aaron Sefi, Sara Evans-Lacko (May 2021)

[available on request]


Working paper #8: Crystallising the case for deinstitutionalisation: COVID-19 and the experiences of persons with disabilities

Martin Knapp, Eva Cyhlarova, Adelina Comas-Herrera, Klara Lorenz-Dant (May 2021)



Working paper #7: Projections of adult social care demand and expenditure, 2018 to 2038

Bo Hu, Ruth Hancock, and Raphael Wittenberg (December 2020)


Working paper #6: Unmet social care needs in England: a scoping study for evaluating support models for older people with low and moderate needs

José Luis Fernandez, Juliette Malley, Joanna Marczak, Tom Snell, Raphael Wittenberg, Derek King, and Gerald Wistow (December 2020)


Working paper #5: Projections of older people living with dementia and costs of dementia care in the United Kingdom, 2019–2040

Raphael Wittenberg, Bo Hu, Luis Barraza Araiza, and Amritpal Rehill (November 2019)



Working paper #4: Enhancing the Brazilian health system’s ability to support the mental health of young people – MENTALKIT-Brazil project

Wagner Silva Ribeiro, Cláudio Torres de Miranda, Antônio José Grande, Dave McDaid, Adriana Paffer, Auxiliadora Damiane Costa, Carola Ziebold, Christine Faustino, Derek King, Joni Marcio de Farias, Jorge Arthur Coelho, Loiva dos Santos Leite, Maria José Cardoso Silva, Paulo de Tarso Jardim, Raiane Jordan, Rita Lins, Rosane Lowenthal, Sandra Leone, Sandra Lúcia Correia Lima Fortes, Silvia Moraes, Valter Silva, Verônica Alves, and Sara Evans-Lacko (October 2019)


Working paper #3: An evaluation of a Local Authority run outreach facilitation intervention for raising the quality of social care practice: ELSCQua Case Study 3 - Final Evaluation Report

Juliette Malley, Valentina Zigante, and Alasdair Jones (April 2019)

[available on request]


Working paper #2: An evaluation of a Local Authority run outreach facilitation intervention for raising the quality of social care practice: ELSCQua Case Study 3 - Theories of Change and Evaluation Plan

Juliette Malley, Alasdair Jones, Valentina Zigante, and Omar Beno (April 2019)

[available on request]


Working paper #1: The development of a local framework for evaluating prevention effects in England

Joanna Marczak, Gerald Wistow, and Jose-Luis Fernandez (June 2019)