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Long-term care financing

Our work on projections of demand and analyses of funding for care and support arrangements continues to grow. This has involved the development of a suite of long-term care finance projection models, including the UK's first dynamic microsimulation model of the social care system. These models have been used to generate projections and explore funding and other options for a number of policy and practice purposes. Research has also been undertaken on funding for younger adults with long-term conditions and how private long-term care insurance can supplement state systems, and is underway on care and support for older people living within the community.

Key findings

Current studies

Social care financial flows

This study is using local authority accounts combined with other data sources to provide clarity on the key issues faced by those commissioning and providing adult social care services that would benefit from national policy action.

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SPRINT: Social protection innovation investment in long-term care

The SPRINT study aims to give meaning to the concept of social investment as applied to long-term Care provision.

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