Children and young people

Our research in the area of children, young people and families has included research on: the effects of bullying; the economic impacts of youth mental health; support and treatment for people with anorexia nervosa; effective treatments for people with neurodevelopmental disorders; the effectiveness of parenting programmes; benefits and potential cost savings of early years’ prevention; and troubled families.

Key findings

Current studies

APPLAUSE: Adolescent precursors to psychiatric disorders – learning from user service engagement

The APPLAUSE study is exploring how young people with mental health problems currently interact with both formal mental health services and informal social and familial support structures in the UK and Brazil.

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ETHOS: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of humanistic counselling in schools

The ETHOS project is evaluating the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of school-based, humanistic counselling by conducting the first randomised controlled trial of this type of intervention.

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NCore: Networking and care - helping young people with mental health problems through outreach and eHealth

The NCore study aims to develop a mobile app which facilitates access to mental health services and treatments for young people with mental health problems; and to assess its feasibility, acceptability and potential clinical and costeffectiveness.

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OOTLES: Long-term economic impact of childhood emotional and behavioural problems

The OOTLES study is evaluating the long-term economic impacts of mental health problems experienced by children and young people in three British birth cohorts (1946, 1958 and 1970) and implications for policy and service provision.

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