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CIBL Events & News 2020

Upcoming Events 

Opportunities for UK consultancies in the Chinese market

What are the current opportunities for UK consultants in, and working with China? 

What are some of the trends that the industry is seeing? Where are the future opportunities? 

What does China’s consulting landscape look like? Is competition largely driven by domestic or international firms?

During the event, guest speakers will share their extensive experience in the field of consulting.

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The story of four generations - culture changes in China

Significant changes occurred in China over the past 40 years since it’s opening up reform. How does that impact on the life and values of each generation? How do Chinese people who were born at different stages of Chinese political and social development perceive themselves? This lecture explores the similarities and differences of so-called generations in China, 70+, 80+, 90+ and 00+ and aims to provide an overall review of the challenges and opportunities each generation faces.

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Chinese Language and Culture for Business: info session

Chinese Language and Culture for Business Programme (CLCB) is a part-time executive programme for Chinese language learners with a global vision and an interest in China. This course will empower you to communicate effectively in the Chinese business context.

Where does the course take place?

1) CLCB Full course at LSE campus in London (10 months programme)

2) CLCB Online programme (5 months programme)

This Information session is designed for Chinese Language learners only who are considering joining our Chinese Language and Culture for Business Programme (CLCB) for our next intake in March 2022 for both options above. 

Join our information session to take part in our Lucky draw, which will allow you to have access to greater discounts!

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