About us

Our mission involves promoting social innovation through dialogue, transferring knowledge and values, and betting on talent.

The work of Vicente Cañada Blanch was arguably the most important initiative in the cultural and academic relationships between Spain and the United Kingdom


The activities of the Cañada Blanch Centre and the Princesa de Asturias Chair at the LSE are structured around the general mission of the Fundación Cañada Blanch. This mission involves promoting social innovation through dialogue, transferring knowledge and values, and betting on talent.

The Centre is the vehicle to achieve the objective of the Fundación of developing and reinforcing the links between the United Kingdom and Spain. This is done by means of fostering cutting-edge knowledge generation and joint research projects between researchers in the United Kingdom, and at the LSE in particular, on the one hand, and Spain, on the other.



The Centre was created as part of the agreement signed by the Anglo-Spanish Cultural Foundation—founded by Vicente Cañada Blanch—and the London School of Economics and Political Science in 1993. The following year the LSE appointed Paul Preston, Príncipe de Asturias Professor, as Director of the Centre. From 2020, the new director of the Cañada Blanch Centre and holder of the Princesa de Asturias Chair is Professor Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Professor of Economic Geography, who has worked at the LSE since 1995.



The activities of the Centre and the Chair are geared towards the generation of scientific knowledge and the promotion of academic exchange in the areas in which the LSE is world leading. These areas comprise most social sciences – from economics, finance, and management to political science, sociology, public and social policy, geography, and anthropology – as well as history, law, and international relations.

The Centre and the Chair seek to stimulate debate and new knowledge creation in any of the global challenges that have direct implications for Spain and/or the UK. These include, among others, issues such as sustainable development; climate change; the rise of inequalities; demographic change and migration; innovation, technology and productivity; the state of democracy, governance and government; the challenges of European integration; education and employment; health challenges; or the gender and ethnic gaps.

In order to fulfil the above objectives, six core activities are implemented by the Centre:



 LSE-Cañada Blanch Forum

The Centre and the Chair organises a flagship annual event to showcase progress in research in any of the leading global challenges of interest for the Centre. The Forum gathera world-leading academics, from the LSE and elsewhere, with Spanish scholars. The Forum includes presentations and discussions and have the distinct objective of pushing forward the public policy debate on the key challenges of our time.


LSE-Cañada Blanch Lectures

The Centre and the Chair hold, at least once per term, a Cañada Blanch lecture at the LSE. These lectures are usually given by the LSE-Cañada Blanch fellows during their period in London. Speakers can also include world-leading experts willing to engage with the LSE Cañada Blanch community on any of the topics of interest for the Centre and the Chair.


Lectures with the Instituto Cervantes London

The Centre and the Chair hold lectures in collaboration with the Instituto Cervantes London.


Research Fellowships and Prizes

LSE-Miguel Dols Academic Fellows Scheme

The Centre and the Chair will promote the visit of Spanish academics – and of academics from other origins doing frontier research of relevance for Spain and the UK in any of the above-mentioned topics – to the LSE.

These one-term long visits will pursue the aim of exposing leading academics to the research being conducted at the LSE, with a view to facilitate the development of joint research links.

Three to four fellowships are expected to be awarded per term. The fellowships will be advertised in the Centre’s and the Foundation’s website.


Miguel Dols Programme for Research on Spain

The Miguel Dols Programme for Research on Spain will support research activities by LSE academics focusing on Spain. LSE researchers will be able to bid for seed funding to either start or wrap up research projects on contemporary Spanish studies. The bidding process will take place annually and will be announced on the Centre’s website.


Cañada Blanch LSE Prize

The Cañada Blanch Centre hosts an outstanding graduate from the University of Valencia. The Cañada Blanch LSE awardee is selected by the University of Valencia and the Fundación Cañada Blanch among the best graduates of the University. The awardee spends three months at the Centre and is encouraged to attend public events at the LSE and establish links with LSE researchers.