Dr Tania Burchardt

Director of CASE (Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion)

Tania Burchardt

Dr Tania Burchardt is Director of the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion and an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Policy at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Her research interests lie in theories of justice, including the capability approach, measurement of inequality and applied welfare policy analysis.

Tania is co-chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum Research Network, which seeks to bring together academics, policymakers and voluntary sector organisations working in these areas.

Selected publications include Social Policy in a Cold Climate: policy and its consequences after the recession (co-edited with Ruth Lupton, John Hills, Kitty Stewart and Polly Vizard, 2016), Public policy and inequalities of choice and autonomy (co-authored with Martin Evans and Holly Holder, Social Policy & Administration, 2015), and Deliberative research as a tool to make value judgements (Qualitative Research, 2014).

Expertise: equality; social inclusion; social policy; theories of justice; welfare policies

LSE Consulting projects: