Dr Arnaud Vaganay

Research Associate, LSE Consulting

Arnaud Vaganay

Arnaud Vaganay is a methodologist and meta-researcher. He started his career in 2004 after studying Politics and Economics. In 2015, he obtained a PhD in Social Research Methods from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

His expertise cuts across four areas:

  • Theoretically, Arnaud’s research focuses on statistical errors, biases and misreporting as well as the possible causes of such behaviours. His published work provides concrete examples of how economists and social researchers can improve the readability and credibility of their analyses.

  • Methodologically, Arnaud is interested in all forms of research synthesis. This includes evidence reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. He is the author of several meta-analytical datasets.

  • His main area of application is in social policy. He is most familiar with labour market and social protection policies. He has also worked in the areas of development aid, criminal justice and education.

  • Arnaud has also a strong interest in improving research workflows and processes.  As a Director of Meta-Lab and a Catalyst of the Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences, he regularly provides training on methods aiming to improve the transparency, reproducibility and re-usability of data. 

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Expertise: evidence reviews; systematic reviews; meta-analyses; meta-research; open science; statistical errors and biases; scientific reporting; research workflows; theories of change; social policy

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