LSE alumni feature in the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list 2022

This year, eight LSE alumni and one student have been recognised in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list for reinventing businesses and redefining industries – from retail to finance, technology and renewable energy. Their curious minds are leading innovative initiatives that are  creating global change and shaping the world for good.

Alumni named in the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list 2022 include:

aasiyah thumbnail

Aasiyah Abdulsalam (MSc Social Psychology 2017)
Retail and E-commerce 

Researching the wig industry for her LSE dissertation, Aasiyah Abdusalam found that there had been very little innovation in the industry since the 1920s. After graduating from LSE, Aasiyah Abdusalam changed this by developing The Wig Fix, a silicone band that keeps wigs in place while being worn. Aasiyah now runs The Renatural wig company, which has projected sales of $1.2 million for 2022.


olivia azadegan

Olivia Azadegan (School of Public Policy 2020)
Manufacturing and Industry

Olivia Azadegan is Energy Transition Director for Clean Air Task Force, an environmental organisation founded in 1996 with the aim of reducing carbon emissions. Olivia’s work focuses on the development of policies around zero carbon fuels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


mateusz balcerek thumbnail

Mateusz Balcerek (MSc Media and Communications 2020)
Media & Marketing

Mateusz Balcerek is Head of Marketing for Debbie, an app which helps people pay off their debt and learn better financial habits. Currently in Beta stage, Mateusz’s marketing strategies have succedded in atracting 11,000 people, who are already signed up to use the app.


flavian girard thumbnail

Flavian Girard (MSc Finance 2016)

Flavian Girard is a partner in Inflexion Points Technology Partners (IPTP), an investment bank specialising in mergers and acquisitions in the software industry. Prior to joining IPTP, Flavian in Global Banking at HSBC.  

tuomas hooli

Tuomas Hooli (MSc International History 2020)
Manufacturing and Industry

Tuomas Hooli Is the CEO of windfarm builder and operator Winda Energy. Founded in Finland during 2011, Winda Energy intends to be the leading windfarm developer in the country.  Tuomas began working in the renewable energy sector in 2020, when he worked as an Analyst and Associate for Green Horizon Renewables. 


charlotte kufus thumbnail

Charlotte Kufus (MSc Social Psychology 2016)

Charlotte Kufus is a co-founder of Legal OS, an initiative which provides an easy way for law firms to automate processes and draft documents. With no coding involved, the platform requires no training to use, allowing law firms to use their time more effectively. Prior to Legal OS, Charlotte worked as an Analyst at Siemans and as a Consultant with 1492 GmbH.


angela moneke thumbnail

Angela Moneke (LLB Law 2013)

Angela Moneke is the co-founder of TAPE, a film collective launched due to the lack of representation of female voices of colour in the film industry. The collective hosts film screenings, talks, and cross-art events focused on themes of identity, heritage and culture. 


rory moore

Rory Moore (BSc International Relations 2022)
Social Impact

Rory Moore was inspired to set up a global volunteering network by his experience recruiting local volunteers to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. This idea led Rory found CCV Global, an app based non-profit platform that operates across 40 countries. Rory’s local work was recognised by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he won a Points of Light award in 2021


george robson thumbnail

George Robson (BSc Economics 2016)

George Robson joined venture capital firm Sequoia Capital as a partner in 2020, where he leads investment in European fintech companies. During his time at LSE, George co-founded an accelerator called Kickstart Global.


 May 2022