LSE Alumni Shaping the World

LSE alumni have been shaping the world since the School’s inception in 1895. These pages provide a snapshot of LSE alumni across decades, industries, geographies and globally-significant themes, and invite you to reflect on the incredible power of people who enact change in our world. 

Many of the alumni featured here were chosen by faculty and staff across LSE to feature in a special exhibition: People and Change: LSE Alumni Shaping the World, developed for LSE Festival 2023. 

This is by no means a finite list; tens of thousands of LSE alumni have been and continue to be driven by a desire to transform our world and our societies for the better. Read more about some of these incredible people, and tell us about the LSE people who inspire you the most. 

Curious to learn more? Search the LSE History Blog and visit our LSE People pages to discover more influential LSE alumni throughout time.