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LSE Thinks showcases LSE academics and researchers who are applying their expertise to some of the most pressing issues facing us today.

The series is designed to highlight examples of our world-leading academics informing key public debates and discussions through research, blog posts, interviews, public lectures, podcasts and news stories.

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Recent highlights of LSE Thinks include:

Latest news


This little piggie...

Depicting ‘animals as friends’ makes people feel guilty about eating pork but not beef, new research by the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science has found. Read the full story 


Weight issues 

The children of parents who separate or divorce are more likely to become overweight than children whose parents stay together. Read the full story

Latest blog


Egg freezing 

Emily Jackson makes the case for extending the (arbitrary) ten-year storage limit. Read the full blog



More progress is needed on Iraq’s Reparation Bill for Yazidi Female Survivors argues Güley Bor. Read the full blog Pic credit: Yazidi refugees DFID CC BY-SA 2.0


LSEIQ 200x200

Is gender equality possible?  

The latest episode of LSE IQ features LSE’s Sarah Banet-Weiser, Grace Lordan and Shani Orgad. Listen to the podcast


The Ballpark 

This episode looks at Missouri's political landscape and why its Senate race was so heated in this midterm cycle. Listen to the podcast

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