PBS postgraduate prizes


The Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science recognises the exceptional work of our students and awards prizes for each of our taught postgraduate programmes under the following categories:

Hilde Himmelweit award for overall performance, named after the late pioneer of social psychology, Professor Hilde Himmelweit, one of the founders of our department (formerly the Department of Social Psychology). 

The Rob Farr award for best dissertation, named after another founder of the department, and driver of social psychology, Professor Robert Farr. This prize is awarded to students who have produced an exceptional piece of dissertation research.

Below you will find a list of recent prize-winners.

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Class of 2020 - 2021

Hilde Himmelweit award for overall performance

Alessia Calcabrini, MSc Psychology of Economic Life

Lucy Farrell, MSc Social and Public Communication

Sarah Garrone, MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

Alexandra-Monica Mihailescu, MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

Sharon Raj, MSc Behavioural Science

Rob Farr award for best dissertation

Anita Braga, MSc Behavioural Science

Henry Dowell, MSc Behavioural Science

Francis Elvans, MSc Social and Cultural 'Psychology: Resistance at the precipice of change: A case study ofdefensive mechanisms in right-wing online discourse'.

Yiwen Lou, MSc Social and Public Communication: 'What Moderates the Cliff? Modelling Girls’ STEM Interest between Age 11 and 30 in Finland and Russia'.

Alice Morgan, MSc Organisational and Social Psychology: 'Diversity, Elitism and Exclusion? Understanding Perceptions of Diversity and Inclusion Efforts in Elite City Law Firms'. 

Atrina Oraee, MSc Psychology of Economic Life: '“It's Like a Continuum of Explicitness" Using Subjective Evidence-Based Ethnography to Investigate the Experience of Decision-Making in Everyday Life'.


Class of 2019 - 2020

Hilde Himmelweit award for overall performance

Teresa Almeida, MSc Behavioural Science - 'Trust me, I’m a machine: The effect of human appearance on self-reported and behavioural trust in human–agent interactions'. 

Marian Kruger, MSc Psychology of Economic Life

Verena Lossa, MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

Diana Michaelis, MSc Social and Cultural Psychology: 'Self-Continuity and Self-Transformationof the interviewed European and American women married to their Egyptian partners within their transcultural marriage in Egypt'. 

Lucia Urbanikova, MSc Social and Public Communication: 'Reading Story, Eating Healthy? The Effects of the Narrative Versus Informational Nutritional Message on DietaryIntentions and Self-efficacy of Low Socioeconomic Status Groups'. 

Rob Farr award for best dissertation

Congratulations to:

Sarah Christensen, MSc Organisational and Social Psychology. '"I think I might be a bit wobbly in my corona moral”: An explorative study of social representations and moral functioning during the COVID-19 lockdown'. 

Monica Gonzalez-Gort, MSc Social and Cultural Psychology - 'Beyond safe spaces: Building transformative scenarios in post-conflict societies'

Marian Kruger, MSc Psychology of Economic Life: 'Paving the way for social change: Concrete utopias affect people’s attitudes towards and intentions for change'

Aubrey Lawrence, MSc Social and Public Communication

Nils Mallock, MSc Behavioural Science. 'Comfort in Radicalism? Self-affirmation, Personal Characteristics and Political Violence'.