Behavioural Science and the Wider World seminar series

About the Behavioural Science and the Wider World Seminar Series

This weekly seminar series, hosted by the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LSE, brings together a network of researchers, industry and policy leaders, students and alumni to discuss emerging, global themes in behavioural science both in the world today and emerging topics for the future.

The series will be of interest to anyone, including students, who would like to delve into specific topics from a behavioural science perspective, and to hear how these topics relate directly to policy and industry. The series also offers a unique chance for attendees to network and find opportunities for collaboration.

How to join and upcoming speakers

You can view the full timetable of speakers via the Behavioural Science and the Wider World on our spreadsheet.

View our upcoming speakers here

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  • Events without a Zoom registration are specifically for PBS students. If you are a student in PBS, you will receive information about these sessions separately.
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Previous speakers


  • Professor Liam Delaney
  • Dr Laura Giurge (LSE)
  • Scott Young (BIT North America)
  • Allison Zelkowitz (Save the Children International) 
  • Dr Pavan Mamidi (Ashoka)
  • Nuala Walsh (GAABS)
  • Maddie Quinlan (GAABS)
  • Owain Service (CogCo)
  • Dr Mary MacLennan (UN)
  • Lucie Martin (UCD)
  • Dr Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington (LSE)
  • Dr David Halpern (BIT)
  • Elizabeth Costa (BIT)
  • Dr Dario Krpan (LSE)


  • Professor George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Dr Mary MacLennan (UN)
  • Professor Cass Sunstein (Harvard)
  • Scott Young (BVA Nudge Unit)
  • Elizabeth Costa (BIT)
  • Paul Adams
  • Professor Richard Thaler (University of Chicago)
  • Dr Ana Maria Munoz Boudet (World Bank)
  • Dr Chiara Varazzani (OECD)
  • Dr Neela Saldanha
  • Felix Rossman (Google)
  • Dr Michael Hallsworth (BIT)
  • Dr Michael Muthukrishna (LSE)
  • Dr Rekha Balu (MDRC)
  • Professor Talya Miron-Shatz


  • Professor Liam Delaney (LSE)
  • Dr Jet Sanders (LSE)
  • Dr Tom Reader (LSE)
  • Dr Ganga Shreedhar (LSE)
  • Scott Young (BVA Nudge Unit)
  • Dr Kate Laffan (LSE/UCD)
  • Renos Vakis (World Bank Group)
  • Carol Franceschini (BSB)
  • David Grosse (HBSC)
  • Celine Christensen (Head of Behavioural Risk Diagnosis)
  • Alex Coffey (Jeffries)
  • Dr Stuart Mills (LSE)
  • Nuala Walsh (GAABS)
  • Maddie Quinlan (GAABS)
  • Dr Mary MacLennan (UN)
  • Dr Chiara Varazzani (OECD)
  • James Drummond (OECD)
  • Elisabeth Costa (BIT)
  • Fadi Makki (Nudge Lebanon)
  • Anisha Singh (Busara)
  • Pete Lunn (ESRI)

Special events

Cass Sunstein

Professor Cass Sunstein on "The Barbie Problem: Goods That People Buy But Wish Did Not Exist"

In March 2024 we had the priviledge of welcoming Professor Cass Sunstein to the Behavioural Science and the Wider World seminar series. Professor Sunstein discussed his recent research into why people gain welfare from purchasing goods that they wish did not exist. 

Learn more about the research


Panel Session on Behavioural Data Science, 30 November 2021

A panel session on behavioural data science was held on 30 November 2021. Guest speakers explored this emerging field and the opportunities and challenges of the industry. Read the original event listing here

Selected recordings