Dr Helen Joffe presents at Beyond Moscovici

Beyond Moscovici

Recent conference at PBS

Scholars and students gathered in May 2017 to present and discuss scholarship that engages with and expands social represenatations theory. 

We cannot call everything social representations.

Welcome: Professor Martin W. Bauer   

Keynote: Professor Wolfgang Wagner. Fake history and social influence: Representing history in teaching.

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Keynote: Professor Ivana Marková. Rethinking social representations and minority/majority influence.   

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Chair: Professor Martin Bauer. Discussant: Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch  

  • Dr. Christian Staerkle: Spiral of silence and right-wing populism.

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  • Dr. Gordon Sammut: The cycle of normative common sense.

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  • Professor Ahmet Suerdam: Semantic networks maps and social networks. 

  • Professor Saadi Lahlou: The social representation and the Moebius strip

Chair: Dr. Caroline Howarth. Discussant: Dr. Helene Joffe

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  • Prof Paula Castro: Persuading by legal means? Re-opening Antigone for revisiting the tensions between the legal and the legitimate in the biodiversity debate.

  • Dr. Eva Green: Ideological climates and immigration attitudes.

  • Dr. Juliet Foster: Researching social representation: moving beyond what people say.

Chair: Dr Alex Gillespie. Discussant: Professor Ivana Marková


Imagining a way forward: 6 x 10 min presentations by recent Post docs and PhD students followed by discussion

  • Dr. Jane Roberts (LSE): Paediatric bipolar disorder in the United States and England: Social influence and the emergence of a contested diagnosis.

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  • Dr. Sophie Zadeh (Cambs): (The dialogical approach in) social representations.

  • Dr. Cathy Nicholson (LSE):Themata as a mediating dialogical construct.  

  • Claire Coultas (LSE): A Relational Social Psychological Analysis of Behaviour Change Interventions: Implementation Process as Communicative Acts of [Representational] Engagement.

  • Luke Buhagiar (Malta): Going full circle: Minority reactions to majority alternative representations.

  • Brett Heasman (LSE): Using virtual experiences to explore representations.

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Reception for Ivana Marková on the publication of her recent book - The Dialogical Mind: Common Sense and Ethics (2016); NAB adjacent to Wolfson Theatre

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