Miss Dallas O'Dell

Miss Dallas O'Dell

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Behavioural science, sustainable consumption

About me

PhD topic: Sustainable consumption

PhD supervisors: Dr Ganga Shreedhar & Dr Susana Mourato 

Dallas is an environmentalist committed to applying behavioural science tools to motivate mass adoption of sustainable practices, in the hopes of spreading environmental awareness and mitigating the threat of climate change. Her MSc dissertation applied behavioural science techniques to the clothing disposal and reuse methods of retail take-back programmes and charity shop donations. She is now pursuing a PhD in PBS to better understand how to promote sustainable consumption models, such as the circular economy and de-consumption.

She holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Policy Analysis & Management, which incorporated economics, public policy, statistics, and sociology. She then worked in economic consulting in New York City before coming to the LSE for an MSc in Behavioural Science.