Women in Mathematics Seminar 13

The Department of Mathematics held the 13th seminar in the ‘Women in Mathematics’ series on Tuesday 18 October 2022.

'Women in Mathematics' is an academic, professional and personal development seminar series presented by leading female mathematicians to offer support, encouragement and advice to female staff and students. It also provides an informal networking opportunity.

You can find the YouTube video of the event below. 

Data for Decisions Data for Decisions
Data for Decisions


Data for Decisions


Emma's talk will focus on how data has driven her career, not just in terms of the application areas of her research, but also as central to her journey from a departmental academic to university leadership positions. Emma will also outline some recent research and data projects, ranging from the impact of the introduction of intervetions in road networks; personalisation strategies in online controlled experiments; and the use of data in the regulatory environment in education.


Speaker biography

Professor Emma McCoy joined as the Pro-Director (Education) in 2022, and previously was the Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience) and a Professor of Statistics in the Mathematics Department at Imperial College London. Her research interests include time series, wavelets and casual inference, with a particular substantive research interest in transport studies. Emma is a member of the Royal Society's Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education (ACME) and a Fellow of the institute of Mathematics and its Applications and the Royal Statistical Society.


For further information or enquiries about the seminar series please contact: womeninmaths@maths.lse.ac.uk