Professor Michal Feldman

Professor Michal Feldman

Visiting Professor

Department of Mathematics

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Key Expertise
Algorithmic game theory, Algorithmic mechanism design, Market design

About me

Michal Feldman is the Computation and Economics Professor of Computer Science in the Blavatnik School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University and a visiting scholar at Microsoft Research (MSR) Israel. Her research lies in the border of computer science, game theory and economics. She studies the design and analysis of algorithms, auctions, markets, contracts and networks, under different types of uncertainty, with an emphasis on efficiency, simplicity, robustness and fairness.

She received her Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 2005. She held a visiting position at Harvard University and Microsoft Research New England (2011-13).  She is an Associate Editor in Games and Economic Behavior, Mathematics of Operations Research, ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation, and Journal of Computer and System Sciences. She served as Vice Chair of ACM SIGecom, and PC chair of ACM EC 2015, and WINE 2021. She is an alumna of the Global Young Academy, and the Israeli Young Academy. She is the recipient of the Kadar award, two ERC grants of the European Research Council, Marie Curie IOF, Alon, ISF and Amazon Research Award. She was listed in Forbes' list of the 50 most influential women in Israel (2016). For more information, see

Expertise Details

Algorithmic game theory; Algorithmic mechanism design; Market design; Auction design; Contract design