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Social Exclusion_Labour Market Challenges in WB 1

Social Exclusion and Labour Market Challenges in the Western Balkans

Edited by Will Bartlett, Vassilis Monastiriotis and Panagiotis Koutroumpis, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, October 2020







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  • MAP stock taking and needs assessment report. Will Bartlett contributed to the preparation of the report for the Regional Cooperation Council, Sarajevo.

  • A gendered political economy of post-conflict violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Thinking through the continuum presented at the Conflict Research Society Annual Conference. Vesna Bojicic- Dzelilovic co-authored the paper.

  • Wholly local? Ownership as philosophy and practice in peacebuilding interventions. Authored by Vesna Bojicic- Dzelilovic based on the research conducted as part of EC Horizon 2020 project was published in the Journal of Peacebuilding.

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  • Sitting on the fence: How the London summit exposed the inertia in the EU’s reconciliation policy for the Western Balkans, EUROPP Blog, 20 July 2018. Denisa Kostovicova

  • Reconciliation as Activity: Constraints and Possibilities. Denisa Kostovicova with Ivor Sokolic, 22 March 2018.

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  • 'Nationalism, Statehood and Identity in Post-Yugoslav Montenegro' (Bloomsbury Academic). Authored by Kenneth Morrison, January 2018

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  • Greek Exports and Corporate Adjustment. Anthony Bartzokas, Christos Papazoglou and Peter Sanfey. Paper presented at a joint LSEE/Hellenic Observatory seminar, March 2018

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  • European perspective on Universal Basic Income, in The Polish Journal of Social Policy (December 2018) Enkeleida Tahiraj authored this Paper.

  • The Establishment of Social Ministries in the Western World stream, part of the Global Social Policy Dynamics research project, University of Bremen. Enkeleida Tahiraj delivered this research piece on Albania.

  • Policies and Paradigms: A Retrospective of the future at the LSEE, LSE Inequalities and FREN workshop on Inequality and Social Protection in South East Europe, Belgrade 22 October 2018. Enkeleida Tahiraj delivered this paper.

  • Universal Basic Income and Global Social Policy at the University of Bremen. Global Social Dynamics in Western Balkans, 25-26 October, 2018. Enkeleida Tahiraj delivered this paper.

  • Social Inclusion and IPA framework in Albania. European Training Foundation and the European Commission. Enkeleida Tahiraj co-authored this report.

  • Socio economic development in Albania, Europa Regional Surveys of the World 2019, Routledge. Enkeleida Tahiraj published the article.

  • Fiscal devaluations: evidence using bilateral trade balance data 
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  • Real Estate Market Analysis in the Republic of Croatia. Authored by Tkalec Marina commissioned by the Ministry of construction and physical planning (2018)

  • Horizon 2020 Twinning project "Strengthening scientific and research capacity of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb as a cornerstone for Croatian socioeconomic growth through the implementation of Smart Specialization Strategy (SmartEIZ)" Tkalec Marina is a team member.

  • The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Western Balkans: Tackling the Challenges Towards Political Stability and Economic Prosperity. Tkalec Marina is a team member in this project commissioned by Deutsche Telekom.

  • General versus vocational education: Lessons from a quasi-experiment in Croatia. Authored by Zilic Ivan, Economics of Education Review, 2018, 62:1-11

  • Effect of forced displacement on health 
    Authored by Zilic Ivan, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 2018, 181:3, 889-906




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