Alongside the core activities of academic research and public events, LSEE also publishes topical, high quality publications with the goal of furthering understanding of South Eastern Europe.

LSEE disseminates knowledge gained during internal, external or collaborative research projects and promoting in-depth debate of issues affecting the region. 

As part of this effort, LSEE has worked closely with Palgrave Macmillan Publishers to initiate the "New Perspectives on South-East Europe" book series. The series aims engage with a range of issues affecting the region and the complex transitions it is currently undergoing.

Additionally, LSEE produces a range of in-house publications, from the discussion provoking LSEE papers, to stand alone publications such as the highly topical guide to nationalism, politics, the rise and decline of the nation state (please see 'Other Publications').


New Perspectives on SEE

LSEE and Palgrave Macmillan Book Series

South-East Europe presents a compelling agenda: a region that has challenged European identities, values and interests like no other at formative periods of modern history, and is now undergoing a set of complex transitions.

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Papers on South East Europe

The Papers on SEE are intended to provide a series of provocative and timely Papers to complement core LSEE activities such as academic research and public events. As part of our commitment to quality and impact, we will commission contributions from eminent commentators and policy-makers on the significant issues of the day pertaining to an ever-important region of Europe.

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Staff Publications

Information on recent research published by LSEE academics. For older articles by LSEE academic staff, please visit LSE Research Online or the LSE Experts Directory.

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Papers on Decentralisation & Regional Policy

As part of our research activities under LSEE's Project on Decentralisation and Regional Policy in SEE, we have established a specialist Research Papers series with the title LSEE Papers on Decentralisation and Regional Policy in South Eastern Europe.

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Other Publications

LSEE has a mission to promote the better understanding of the Balkans internationally, through its own scholarly contributions and by facilitating informed public debate.

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LSEE Annual Newsletter

See what we have been up to over the years and take a look at our Annual Newsletters going all the way back to 2010, featuring all our events, publications, exciting collaborations and more.

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