About LSEE

A centre for research on South Eastern Europe

LSEE was officially launched at the start of the 2009-10 academic year as a research unit established within LSE's European Institute. Over the last several years LSEE has developed the School's expertise on South East Europe, drawing on the strength of existing and new academic expertise at the LSE.

Bringing together and further developing the School's expertise on South Eastern Europe, LSEE provides a significant platform on which to build high quality, independent research and facilitate public dialogue, while disseminating information on the region. At LSEE we conduct research which is organized along three broad streams including (a) Social policy, regional policy and labour markets; (b) European integration, macroeconomic policy and institutional reform; and (c) International relations, minorities, security and state-building.                  

LSEE also organizes a series of public lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences, both at the LSE and in the region. These events provide a forum for research collaboration across these thematic areas within the LSE, the UK and with external partners in South East Europe and beyond. We also provide a wide variety of publications which can be found on our website, and lead a research network which aims to promote fundamental independent research into issues of social cohesion in the region, known as the LSEE Research Network on Social Cohesion in South East Europe.                  

The main researchers at the LSEE are Professor Kevin Featherstone, Dr Spyros Economides, Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis and Dr William Bartlett, LSEE Deputy Director. The unit also has a team of dedicated administrative staff, headed by Areti Chatzistergou, LSEE Administrator.                 

Alongside these staff members, LSEE collaborates with colleagues from other departments within the School with an interest in the region, including Dr Denisa Kostovicova (European Institute); Dr Vesna Bojićić-Dželilović (Department of International Development); Dr Arjan Gjona (Department of International Development) and Professor Esra Özyürek (European Institute), as well as staff at other universities in the UK (Oxford University, Queen Mary University of London, University College London and Goldsmiths University of London) and in the region.

To be added to the LSEE mailing list, please contact the Administrator's Office