The past debt and financial crisis, the present and the future of the Greek economy

Hosted by the Hellenic Observatory and the Hellenic Bankers Association (HBA) UK

LSE Campus, venue TBC to ticketholders, United Kingdom


Professor Yannis Stournaras

Professor Yannis Stournaras


Professor Vassilis Monastiriotis

Professor Vassilis Monastiriotis

Greece's economy is considered an international success story. It managed to overcome a very serious debt and financial crisis, correct large macroeconomic, financial, and fiscal imbalances, implement several structural reforms, and return to normality, as was signified by the granting of investment grade status to its government bonds towards the end of last year.

It also grows faster compared to the rest of the eurozone economies, and at the same time, it rapidly reduces its government debt-to-GDP ratio. What are the reasons for this success? Why were many economists and analysts proved to be wrong in predicting Greece's exit from the euro? What are the new challenges for the Greek economy now? What are the forecasts for the main economic indicators? What lessons can we learn from the overcoming of the Greek crisis for the future?

Meet our speaker and chair 

Yannis Stournaras, Governor of the Bank of Greece since 2014, is a prominent economist and academic. He graduated from the University of Athens and obtained postgraduate degrees from Oxford University where he also worked as a Research Fellow and Lecturer (1982-1986). Today, he is Professor of Economics at the University of Athens. Outside academia, he served as a Special Advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (1986-89) and the Bank of Greece (1989-1994), focusing on public enterprises, incomes policy, and monetary issues. He chaired the Council of Economic Advisors (1994-2000) contributing to the design of macroeconomic and structural policies and to the negotiations for the entry of Greece in Economic and Monetary Union. Prof Stournaras held various roles, including Chairman and CEO of Emporiki Bank, Vice Chairman of the Hellenic Bank Association, and Director General of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE). He served as Minister of Development, Competitiveness, and Shipping in 2012 and as Minister of Finance from July 2012 to June 2014. Currently, Prof Stournaras is also Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Hellenic Observatory (LSE).

Vassilis Monastiriotis is Professor in Political Economy and Eleftherios Venizelos Chair of Contemporary Greek Studies  

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