Major conference on 'METAPOLITEFSI'

Fifty years from the Greek ‘Metapolitefsi’ – a milestone in the modern history of Greece


This year marks 50 years from the Greek ‘Metapolitefsi’ – a milestone in the modern history of Greece - the period of restoration of democracy that followed the fall of the seven-year military dictatorship of 1967-1974. The anniversary is an excellent opportunity for reflection on contemporary Greece through a forward-looking historical assessment and dialogue exploring the legacy of the Greek transition to democracy and its enduring impact.

In this context, the Hellenic Observatory partnered with Kathimerini, the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET) and the Delphi Forum in the organisation of a major conference, titled ‘50 YEARS OF POLITICAL TRANSITION: the achievements and deficits of The Third Greek Republic’.

The conference was held in Athens, in the building of the National Gallery - Alexandros Soutsos Museum on 29 February – 2 March 2024. 

Conference Programme

The conference programme features leading Greek politicians, academics, technocrats and journalists. The President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, former prime ministers including Georgios Papandreou and Alexis Tsipras will reflect on the historical context and the future of Greece. The Keynote Speech will be given by well-known historian Mark Mazower (Columbia University) who will talk on how the transitory stage between dictatorship and the full restoration of democracy is placed in the 200 years of the history of the modern Greek state. The three-day conference will include panel sessions where politicians and technocrats, who in the past handled critical areas of government policy, will answer questions from experts and journalists. 

On the third day of the conference, the debate will focus on the question of important pending reforms in a panel discussion featuring Yannis Stournaras (Governor, Bank of Greece), Stathis Kalyvas (University of Oxford), Hugo Dixon (Journalist), Kevin Featherstone (Hellenic Observatory, LSE) and Christina Koulouri (Panteion University).

Watch Online


Watch the Conference videos here.

Conference Review Articles

  • Μεταπολίτευση: 50 χρόνια μετά»: Αναψηλαφώντας μισό αιώνα ΔημοκρατίαςIliana Magra, Kathimerini, 04.03.2024
  • Μεταπολίτευση: 50 χρόνια μετά» – Κ. Φέδερστοουν: «Η φήμη της Ελλάδας διαφέρει από άλλων χωρών που πέρασαν κρίση, Kathimerini, 01.03.2024
  • Τιμή και ανάθεμα, Antonis Telopoulos, Efsyn,04.03.24 

Conference Organizing Committee

Prof Kevin Featherstone (Director, Hellenic Observatory, LSE)

Prof Kostas Kostis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Director, MIET)

Prof Mark Mazower (Columbia University)

Alexis Papachelas (Executive Editor, Kathimerini newspaper)

Elaine Papoulias (Executive Director, Center for European Studies, Harvard University)

Simeon Tsomokos (Founder & President, Delphi Economic Forum)