2023 Exhibitions

Photo of Abu Dhabi construction, road meeting desert

Abu Dhabi (Dis)connected

In this exhibition, viewers are transported to Abu Dhabi from its low-rise, mono-functional, and car-reliant suburbs to its mixed-use, high-density, and livelier city centre. A photographic and video journey shows the fragmentation of the landscape revealing the impact that roads create on local populations.


Ruptured Domesticity, Iraqi art exhibit

Ruptured Domesticity: mapping spaces of refuge in Iraq

Ruptured Domesticity examines the domestic and intimate spaces of refuge created by Iraqis in preparation for, and in response to, wartime and violence. How do people who have experienced war, trauma and loss, create spaces of refuge in violated homes and cities? Twenty years after the invasion of Iraq, Dr Sana Murrani maps a visual archive exploring the ingenious everyday spatial practices of 15 Iraqis from the north to the south of the country between 2003 and 2020. This exhibition displayed images consisting of photographs, illustrative maps and drawings depicting ruptured spaces of refuge. 

1 1 ratio-LSE Festival-June 23-0636

Mapping People and Change | LSE Festival

How can maps (that is graphic representations that facilitate a spatial understanding of things, concepts, conditions, processes or events in the human world) help us to understand the impacts of a rapidly changing world on people and communities? From socio-economic inequalities in London and the UK, to our changing environment, language and health across the world, the exhibition brings together research from across the social sciences.

Climate change america 300x300

Climate Change: America and the world

From unprecedented droughts in East Africa and devastating floods in Pakistan, to heatwaves in the United Kingdom and wildfires in Canada, the disastrous impacts of climate change can be felt around the world. Hosted by the Phelan US Centre, this exhibition is a visual extension of their podcast series, Climate Change: America and the World which takes a deep dive into the different ways climate change impacts the United States and the world. The exhibition features the work of Carleen de Sözer, one of London’s most skilled and varied aerosol and airbrush artists.