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Climate change: America and the world

Hosted by LSE Arts

Atrium Gallery, Old Building

From unprecedented droughts in East Africa and devastating floods in Pakistan, to heatwaves in the United Kingdom and wildfires in Canada, the disastrous impacts of climate change can be felt around the world. These events affect some communities more than others, raising questions about our global responsibility to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Hosted by the Phelan US Centre, this exhibition is a visual extension of our podcast series, Climate Change: America and the World which takes a deep dive into the different ways climate change impacts the United States and the world. The exhibition features the work of Carleen de Sözer, one of London’s most skilled and varied aerosol and airbrush artists. Carleen’s diverse and engaging work can be seen around London; she has collaborated with Disney to produce a Black Panther mural in Stratford Westfield and has worked on a project with Zero Carbon for their campaign, #PriceOutPollution. The exhibition will also display the work of our Arts Competition’s winner and runners up who are all LSE students and staff. The exhibition brings together the LSE community into our conversation on climate change.

See images of the exhibition's canvases here, as well as images from the launch party hosted by the Phelan United States Centre here.

More about the exhibition

The Phelan United States Centre (@LSE_US) at LSE is a hub for global expertise, analysis and commentary on America. 

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