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How to Understand Digitalisation and Change Management: a sociotechnical approach | LSE Festival

Hosted by LSE Festival: People and Change

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Dr Emilio Lastra-Gil

Dr Emilio Lastra-Gil

Novel technologies enable or facilitate access to information, bringing change to the tasks people conduct or providing a new means to accomplish old tasks.

People in different organisations may use the same new technology differently and, consequently, change informal organising in distinct ways. Materiality allows social effect if it is constant in the organisation under study. The aim of this session will be to discuss the socio-materiality perpective of ICTs.

Meet our speaker

Emilio Lastra-Gil is currently teaching Strategy and Information Systems at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He has also taught Corporate and Organisational Strategy and Business Strategy in International and Emerging Markets. His main interests concern the relationship of ICT to organisational change and the role of ICT in socio-economic development. With 20 years’ practitioner experience, principally in the ICT industry with especial expertise in economic and financial modelling commercial infrastructure projects (Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa), he is currently working on a multibillion UK energy infrastructure project.

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