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How Should We Use AI in Higher Education?

Hosted by LSE Festival: People and Change

Online public event


Dr Jonathan Cardoso-Silva

Dr Jonathan Cardoso-Silva

Generative AI is a field of artificial intelligence that can create new data based on existing data, such as text, images, code and sounds. It can mimic the way humans create new ideas, concepts and designs that are both diverse and novel. It has the potential to transform higher education by enhancing learning outcomes, fostering creativity and enabling authentic assessments. However, it also poses challenges and ethical implications, such as ensuring quality, integrity and fairness.

This talk will demonstrate how generative AI can be used to create engaging and personalized learning experiences for students in higher education. It will show examples of how generative AI tools can generate text, images, code and sounds based on text prompts, sketches or other inputs. It will also discuss how generative AI can enable more authentic assessments that measure students’ knowledge and skills in a relevant and meaningful way. The talk will highlight the opportunities and challenges of using generative AI in higher education and provide some practical tips and best practices for educators and learners.

Meet our speaker

Jon Cardoso-Silva holds a PhD in Computer Science from King's College London, specializing in the analysis of social, political, and biological networks. With a background in Computer Engineering, Jon brings a unique blend of academic expertise and industry experience. He has worked as a software developer and led teams of data scientists at Data Science Brigade, a Brazilian data science consultancy start-up. Currently, Jon serves as an Assistant Professorial Lecturer in the Data Science Institute, where he is also the de facto Deputy Director for Teaching. His primary focus is on the educational aspects of data science, teaching introductory-level courses for social scientists.

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