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The Power of Data in Health | LSE Festival

Hosted by LSE Festival: People and Change

In-person and online public event (MAR 2.04, Marshall Building)


James Fransham

James Fransham

Alexandra Gomes

Alexandra Gomes

Dr Angela Spatharou

Dr Angela Spatharou


Professor Ken Benoit

Professor Ken Benoit

We are rightly concerned about the misuse of our personal data, but data science and the tracking of data reveal crucial information about the impacts of change on people, as the COVID-19 pandemic uncovered. Health and well-being must also be seen beyond the medical point of view - the space we live in has a strong impact on us, as shown in our Festival exhibition Mapping People and Change. This event will discuss the importance of health-related data as a resource to transform the world for the better and even save lives if used effectively by policymakers, healthcare providers, academics, and journalists.

Meet our speakers and chair

James Fransham (@jamesfransham) is a data journalist on The Economist’s data team in London. As well as writing for the newspaper’s Graphic detail section he has produced original quantitative stories for many of the newspaper’s sections, including stories about Britain's mortality rates and A&E delays. He joined The Economist as a researcher in 2009 and in 2014 was made the newspaper’s first data correspondent.

Alexandra Gomes (@xpgomes3) is a Research Fellow at LSE Cities and responsible for coordinating LSE Cities’ spatial analysis across a range of projects. She has strong interdisciplinary skills and is interested in connecting the different dimensions of urbanisation. Her areas of expertise include urban policy, urban inequalities, urban health, sustainable mobility, public space, sensescapes analysis, and visual communication. Examples of projects: Urban Age; Resource Urbanisms and  Urban Neighbourhoods: Health and Wellbeing.

Angela Spatharou is a Senior Partner and the EMEA Leader, Healthcare & Life Sciences, for IBM Consulting. In this capacity leads IBM’s teams across Digital, Data and Analytics across EU and other European markets. She has spent over two decades working with health systems, public and private hospitals, insurers and digital innovators on value-based care, digital health and advanced analytics.

Ken Benoit (@kenbenoit) is Director of the Data Science Institute at LSE, and Professor of Computational Social Science in the Department of Methodology.

More speakers will be announced for this event. 

More about this event

This event is part of the LSE Festival: People and Change running from Monday 12 to Saturday 17 June 2023, with a series of events exploring how change affects people and how people effect change. Booking for all Festival events will open on Monday 15 May. 

LSE's Data Science Institute (@LSEDataScience) is an interdisciplinary institute established to foster the study of data science and new forms of data with a focus on their social, economic and political aspects.

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Podcast and video

A podcast of this event is available to download from The Power of Data in Health

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