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Ticket information

How can I attend the LSE Festival? 

All Festival events are free and open to all, but registration for most of the events is required. Booking for all Festival events is now open. 

To watch events online, you will only need to register once and then choose which events you would like to watch.

To attend events in-person, you will need to register for each event individually. 

On Saturday 17 June, some of the children's sessions are drop in, as is our Makers Market. Find out more about Saturday's family events below. 

No booking is required for Festival exhibitions, but please note the opening hours on the event pages.

For any queries, please email events@lse.ac.uk 

Festival Live: Monday 12 to Saturday 17 June (online)

Register here to watch LSE Festival events online.

Watch all events online during the Festival week, from Monday 12 to Saturday 17 June. Register for the LSE Festival online events once, and choose the events you would like to watch by adding them to your calendar.

Festival Live: Monday 12 to Friday 16 June (in person)

Monday 12 to Friday 16 June

Monday 12 June 

1-2pm, Rethinking Retirement: public policies to support life changes

Speakers: Professor Sir Vince Cable, David Sinclair, Susan Scholefield

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6.15-7.45pm, Changing lives in the Middle East: cinematic responses

Film screening, with speakers: Amira Louadah, Suzannah Mirghani

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 6.30-7.45pm, Have Economists Improved Our Lives?

Speakers: Professor Richard Davies, Zanny Minton Beddoes, Baroness Shafik, Dr Linda Yueh

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Tuesday 13 June

1-2pm, The Road to Net Zero: how to seize opportunities and manage change

Speakers: Dr Liam F Beiser-McGrath, Chris Skidmore, Rain Newton-Smith, Dr Anna Valero

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6-8pm, The Modern Millionairess: a post-pandemic gender deal

Speaker: Professor Sarah Ashwin

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6.30-7.45pm, Why Is Change So Hard?

Speakers: Stella Creasy, Professor Conor Gearty, Laura de Molière, Dr Jens Madsen

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Wednesday 14 June

1-2pm, Financing Climate Change? Inspiration for Change from African Thinkers

Speakers: Bogolo Kenewendo, Annet Nakyeyune

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5-6pm, In Conversation with Sadiq Khan

Speaker: Sadiq Kahn 

Tickets for the in-person will be availbe from Wednesday 31 May


6.30-7.30pm, The Power of "Good Enough"

Speakers: Dr Thomas Curran, Adrienne Herbert, Dr Rachel O'Neill

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Thursday 15 June

1-2pm, The Changing Inequalities of Citizenship

Speakers: Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey, Dr Kristin Surak, Dr Eleanor Knott

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5-6pm, In Conversation with Martin Lewis

Speaker: Martin Lewis

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6.30-7.30pm, The Birth Lottery of History

Speakers: Professor Robert J. Sampson, Professor Nicola Lacey

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6.30-7.30pm, Let Evil Prevail

Speaker: Dr Kieran Oberman

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Friday 16 June 

1-2pm, Smashing the Class Ceiling

Speakers: Professor Lee Elliot Major, Professor Sam Friedman, Sophie Pender

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Student Research Conference, Wednesday 14 June

Student Research Conference


Knowledge Beyond Boundaries - Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference (in person or online via Zoom)

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Knowledge Beyond Boundaries

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Attendees are welcome to drop in to conference sessions throughout the day, a full conference programme will be available online in May. Those who register to attend online will be sent the Zoom links for events nearer the time.

Festival Skills, Monday 12 to Friday 16 June

Festival Skills

Monday 12 June, 12-1pm 

How the Workplace is Changing: productivity, inclusion, and beyond

Speakers: Yolanda Blavo, Dr Jasmine Virhia

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Tuesday 13 June, 1-2pm

How to Understand Digitalisation and Change Management: a sociotechnical approach

Speaker: Dr Emilio Lastra-Gil

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Wednesday 14 June, 1-2pm

How to Combine Data-Centric and Data Decolonisation Approaches for Better Data Science Education

Speaker: Dr Marcos Barreto

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Thursday 15 June, 1-2pm

How to Negotiate: the essentials you need to know

Speakers: Dr Aurelie Cnop-Nielsen, Dr Karin A. King

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Friday 16 June, 1-2pm 

How to Manage Transition in Turbulent Times

Speaker: Dr Katerina Glyniadaki

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Festival Live: Saturday 17 June (in person)

Festival Live Saturday 17 June

11am-12pm, The Changing Nature of Religion in Today’s World 

Speakers:Dr Mukulika Banerjee, John Casson, Georgette Bennett, Erin K. Wilson

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11am-12pm, Can People Change the World? Activists, Social Movements, and Utopian Futures

Speakers: Dr Armine Ishkanian, Dr Faiza Shaheen, Georgia Haddad Nicolau

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11am-2pm, Making Space for Girls: mapping and participatory approaches to research

Workshop leaders: Julia King, Olivia Theocharides-Feldman, Imogen Clark

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12.30-1.30pm, This is Not America: Why black lives in Britain matter 

Speaker: Tomiwa Owolade

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12.30-1.30pm, The Power of Data in Health

Speakers: James Fransham, Alexandra Gomes

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2-3.30pm, Russia's War Against Ukraine: War crimes and responsibility for post-war reconstruction

Speakers: Olga Ayvazovska, Professor Tomila Lankina, Dr Olga Onuch, Oleksandra Matviichuk, Professor Steven Seegel, Mariia Zolkina

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 2.30-3.30pm, How Did Britain Come to This? 

Speakers: Professor Gwyn Bevan, Ros Taylor

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 2.30-3.30pm, How is AI Changing the World?

Speakers: Dr Christine Chow, Dr Thomas Ferretti, Dr Giulia Gentile, Professor Michael Wooldridge

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 4-5.30pm, Russia: does It believe in anything?

Speakers: Grigor Atanesian, Adam Curtis, Professor Tomila Lankina, Professor Vladislav Zubok

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 4-5.15pm, #MeToo in the Media: survivors, believability, and emotional labour

Speakers: Rowena Chiu, Dr Kathryn Claire Higgins, Winnie M Li, Winnie M Li, Lucia Osborne-Crowley

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 6-7pm, What Would a Fairer Society Look Like?

Speakers: Daniel Chandler, Dr Ayça Çubukçu, Swatee Deepak, Lord Willetts

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Family events, Saturday 17 June

Family events

Book a ticket for Family Day events taking place in and around our Centre Square:

Register here

LSE Festival Family Day - Centre Square events

  • Which events would you like to book for?
    Select the sessions you wish to attend, you can register for multiple events. Please note, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Change for People by People, Protest Song Workshops
  • Re-making the Self, Craft Workshops for 6+ (drop in)
  • LSE Generate Makers Market, family workshops
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  • Child 1 - Name
  • Child 2- Name
  • Child 3- Name

Change for People by People
Alumni centre, Centre Building

Drop-in from 11:00-16:00 to make a mark on our graffiti wall or design your very own tote bag, badge or noise maker that sends a message about a cause you care about.

Book a place for the Protest Song Writing Workshop with sessions beginning at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm

Re-making the self - craft workshops (for ages 6+)
Alumni Centre, Centre Building
11am-1pm, or 2-4pm (drop-in)
For these sessions remember to bring some some items along from home to use in the creation of your children’s artworks – this could be photographs, textiles from clothes or items no longer used, newspaper or magazine scraps from a time of change your children would like to reflect back on, for example the pandemic, moving home, starting a new school etc.

LSE Generate Makers Market: Family workshops (recommended ages 5-12, but open to all)
Centre Building Square and GenDen 
Including cookie-decorating, mural-making and sustainable fashion.
11am-1pm (ticketholders can drop in any time)

Researchers of the Future

LSE Behavioural Lab, Lower Ground Floor, Clement House

Session beginning at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm

Register here

Researchers of the Future

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  • Child 2- Name
  • Child 3- Name

 Please note, children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.