CATS at EGU 2004

European Geosciences Union 1st General Assembly, Nice, 25-30 April 2004

CATS Members gave the following presentations at the EGU 1st General Assembly:

Smith, L.A. 'Towards shadowing in operational weather models'. Abstract.

Kwasniok, F. 'Time series prediction using local modelling: a comparison of different approaches'. Abstract.

Clarke, L. 'On estimating the box counting dimension from data streams'. Abstract.

Clarke, L. 'Addressing model inadequacy through multi-model ensembles'. Abstract.

Weisheimer, A. 'Quantifying the skill of ensemble seasonal forecasts with bounding boxes'. Abstract.

Broecker, J. 'Combining dynamical and statistical ensembles - the science behind the DIME Project'. Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'What are the odds of a good probability forecast?' Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'Data assimilation via indistinguishable states'. Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'Sorry wrong number: statistical best practice under the real time constraints of'. Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'Deterministic systems and stochastic models', Poster 0639. Abstract.

Smith, L.A. 'On contrasting measures of skill for probability forecasts: the case of rare events', Poster 0659. Abstract.

Judd, K. 'How good is an ensemble at capturing truth?', Poster 0660. Abstract.

Hansen, J. 'Minimum spanning tree rank histograms: at what scales are NWP ensemble forecasts reliable', Poster 0666. Abstract.

Andrianova, A. 'Pricing weather derivatives'. Abstract.

Cuellar, M.C. 'Parameter estimation in the wrong model class: the performance of MCMC techniques on data with no intrinsic dynamics', Poster 0665. Abstract.

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