SRI Consultation

Socially Responsible Investment Policy

Following on-going and constructive dialogue over the course of 2020/21 with the LSE community the School has started the review of LSE’s Socially Responsible Investment Policy, a key aspect of the School’s approach to responsible investment.

This review will be conducted in collaboration with the LSE community through the consultation process detailed on this page.

"Investment is a key theme of LSE’s Sustainability Strategic Plan, with a commitment to make sustainability a key part of our investment decisions."

Minouche Shafik, LSE Director

Socially Responsible Investment Policy Consultation Socially Responsible Investment Policy Consultation
Minouche Shafik introduces our SRI policy consultation LSE

Context - LSE’s investment portfolio

The School manages in the region of £200m of funds originating from grants or donations, commonly referred to as the School’s ‘endowment’. LSE’s Socially Responsible Investment Policy guide our investment practices, taking into consideration Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. LSE is also a signatory of the United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Investment.

SRI consultation – ways to engage

Our Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) consultation is running over the course of March 2022 and there is a series of workshop as an opportunity for students and staff to find out more about the School’s current approach and the range of options being considered to continue developing ways to embed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in how LSE manages its investments.

There are two main ways to engage with the consultation:

1. Open inbox

2. Workshops...

Gathering student views

Thursday 10 March, 5–6pm (GMT), on campus

Join roundtable discussions with the Sustainable Futures Society who will gather questions and comments as part of the consultation process.

Making impact:  Engagement, Divestment, Collaboration

Wednesday 16 March, 5–6pm (GMT), on campus

Meet with experts from LSE’s Investment Sub Committee to discuss how LSE can maximise impact in driving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in managing its investments.

An introduction to the Transition Pathway Initiative

Thursday 17 March, 5–6pm (GMT), online

Learn more about the global Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) which assesses companies' preparedness for the transition to a low carbon economy which is rapidly becoming the go-to corporate climate action benchmark. Hear from experts at LSE’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, and how it is applied to the management of LSE’s investment portfolio.

Introduction to LSE’s Green Bond with Natwest and S&P Global ratings

Thursday 24 March, 5–6pm (GMT), online

Learn how LSE issued a Green and Social Bond to raise private finance to fund sustainability projects. Hear from experts from NatWest who supported this project and S&P Global Ratings provided external audit to confirm alignment with international Green / Social Bond Principles.

LSE’s approach to responsible investment – Q&A panel event

Monday 28 March, 5–6pm (GMT), online

In this event most frequently asked questions gathered during the consultation will be answered and there will be an opportunity to submit further questions.

Panellists will include representatives of the LSE Students’ Union, the School’s Finance Division and LSE’s Investment Sub-Committee.

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