The home of thinking without borders

Priority 2: Research for the world

LSE is international, interdisciplinary and issue-oriented. We will build on these reputational strengths and take the lead in securing and defining the future of social sciences across the globe.

We commit to:

Leading the social sciences

We will strengthen our position as the home of social sciences, now and in the future.

Sustaining and promoting the social sciences 

We will demonstrate the value of social sciences, and work to ensure they are properly recognised, evaluated and funded.

Advancing our influence

We will build new relationships to increase our contribution to the betterment of society, politically, economically and socially.

Convening the world

We will establish LSE as the global convenor of influential debates on critical issues.

Influencing policy for social protection

A slum suburb is overshadowed by the skyscrapers beyond

LSE’s Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion shares research and expertise with policy makers worldwide. Recently they have advised the International Monetary Fund on the best ways to stem rising inequality and support the poorest in society through taxes and benefits. 

How we will do this:

  • Invest in a broad disciplinary base and vibrant research environment, with targeted funding, support and career guidance for our faculty
  • Curate cross-cutting research themes to join up international expertise and interests to shape evidence-based interventions around key social and economic issues
  • Provide a platform for world-class social science research that upholds the highest standards of rigorous enquiry
  • Invest in the social scientists of the future through more scholarships and enhanced support for PhDs, postdoctoral and early career researchers
  • Engage with leading global researchers and actively champion diversity of voice
  • Collaborate with natural sciences to understand changes to economies, politics, communities and societies
  • Strengthen our connections with policy-makers, alumni and strategic partners and cultivate new relationships with the private sector
  • Invest in world-class digital and physical facilities
  • Engage citizens around the world and develop thought leadership, building on our renowned public lecture programme and award-winning LSE IQ podcasts.