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Gendered Peace

The Gendered Peace project, funded by the European Research Council, will interrogate concepts of gender within contemporary forms of violence and map the nature of gendered violence in different spaces and manifestations over time. It will also challenge the accepted orthodoxy of peacebuilding to ask whether a gendered perspective might suggest an alternative paradigm and assess how the four pillars of WPS can form the basis of a gendered rights-based approach to durable solutions and peace building. Current themes:

Project Streams

The project is sub-divided into three streams comprising several interlinking, free-standing projects:

1. Women and Peace / Women and Security

  • Human Trafficking within the Pillars of WPS
  • Re-imagining Peace: lessons from the past
  • A Gendered Peace through Time and Space 

2. Gender and Peacebuilding 

  • Gender and Commissions of Inquiry 
  • Feminist Durable Solutions 
  • Forced Displacement and the Protection of Women
  • Tackling violence against women and sustainable peace 

3. Gender and Contemporary Forms of Violence 

Gendered Peace Workshops and Events 


Project Team 


Professor Christine Chinkin
Professor Chinkin Christine Chinkin CMG FBA is a Professorial Research Fellow in the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, from where Christine leads both the 'A Feminist International Law of Peace and Security' and 'Gendered Peace' projects.
Louise Arimatsu
Dr Louise Arimatsu is a Distinguished Policy Fellow and Co-Investigator on both the 'Gendered Peace' project and 'A Feminist International Law of Peace and Security', where she leads work on 'A Feminist Foreign Policy' and 'Women and Weapons'.
Dr Sheri Labenski is a Research Officer on the 'Gendered Peace' project.
Sarah Smith 200 x 200
Dr Sarah Smith is a Research Officer across the 'Gendered Peace' project, 'A Feminist International Law of Peace and Security' and 'Tackling Violence Against Women'. 
Elena B. Stavrevska 200 x 200
Dr Elena B Stavrevska is a Research Officer across the 'Gendered Peace' project.