Dr Paul Kirby

Dr Paul Kirby

Assistant Professorial Research Fellow

Centre for Women, Peace and Security

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Key Expertise
Sexual Violence, Gender; Women, Peace and Security agenda, War Studies

About me

Dr Paul Kirby is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow with the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, and a Co-Director of the UKRI GCRF Gender, Justice and Security Hub.

Paul’s research focuses on the politics of the Women, Peace and Security agenda; the various manifestations of the claim that rape is a ‘weapon of war’; and critical international political theory, especially feminist and gender theory. Some of his publications on these themes are detailed below. On the GCRF Hub, Paul will pursue two projects, one on contemporary security governance and responses to sexual and gender-based violence, and the other on efforts to reform or abolish ‘problematic’ strains of masculinity in international politics.

Paul was previously a Lecturer in International Security at the University of Sussex, and a Research Fellow with the Centre for Women, Peace and Security during 2016-2018. He has been a co-editor of the European Journal of International Relations, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, (with Marsha Henry) a special issue of International Feminist Journal of Politics on the topic of 'Rethinking Masculinities and Practices of Violence in Conflict Settings’, and more recently (with Laura Shepherd) a special issue of International Affairs on ‘The Futures of Women, Peace and Security’, marking 15 years since UN Security Council Resolution 1325. Also with Laura Shepherd, he is editor of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security’s working paper series, and, with Laura Shepherd and Soumita Basu, editor of the forthcoming New Directions in Women, Peace and Security (Bristol University Press).

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Expertise Details

Sexual Violence; Gender; Women; Peace and Security agenda; War Studies