Dr Marsha Henry

Dr Marsha Henry

Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies

Key Expertise
Gender, Peacekeeping, Development, Militarisation

About me

Dr Marsha Henry is an Associate Professor at the Department of Gender Studies.

Dr Henry's research interests focus on gender and development, gender and militarisation, and qualitative methodologies. Over the past 12 years, her research interests have been concentrated on documenting the social experiences of living and working in peacekeeping missions. Her recent research focusses on peacekeepers from the Global South.

Selected Projects

  • Gender, Peacekeeping and Justice in Postconflict Contexts (GI RIIF)
  • Engendering Peacekeeping: The Experiences of Indian Women Peacekeepers, (STICERD, LSE)
  • Peacekeeping, Poverty, and Development: Towards an Understanding of the Gendered Peacekeeping Economies in the DRC, Sudan, and Liberia (Norwegian Research Council)