Centre Staff

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Mukulika Banerjee, Director 


Mukulika’s current research interests are on the cultural meanings of democracy. Her most recent publication is Why India Votes? (2014) in which she explores the reasons behind India's rising trends of voter participation. She is currently completing a manuscript based on 15 years of engagement with a village in India to explain the sources of democratic thinking in Indian social life. Read more about her research and interests here.



Nilanjan Sarkar, Deputy Director and Development Manager


Read more about his role and interests here



Huma Yusuf, Advisor-Pakistan


Huma is a political risk consultant focusing on Pakistan and Afghanistan, and a Global Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Washington DC. She was the Pakistan Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in 2010–11, and from 2012–14, Huma worked at the London School of Economics and Political Science, where she launched and edited the India@LSE (now South Asia @ LSE) blog, and supported the launch of the South Asia Centre.