India Programme

Futures Present

Research on India is a global phenomenon, with every aspect of the country subject to academic scrutiny, debate, discussion, and analyses. The South Asia Centre networks with over 50 academics within LSE whose teaching and research expertise is on India either directly or indirectly.

The Centre is working to develop a dedicated community of researchers to develop a futuristic research agenda for India – one that builds on the strength of current global research, and addresses foreseeable issues of interest and concern in India over the next few decades – making the Centre the hub for India-related issues in the UK.

Select themes include:

  • Youth, Skills and Leadership
  • Political Futures of Democracy
  • Living Heritage, Cultural Industries and Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Water, Energy and Food Security
  • Mental Health and Social Awareness
  • Ageing and Infrastructure
  • The Diaspora in India
  • Regional to Global Muscle
  • Social Media and Knowledge

‘India: Futures Present’ will comprise multiple elements of cross-cutting research and academic exercise, including focused research themes and clusters; Visiting Professorships and Senior Fellowships; Junior Fellowships; seminars, conferences, public lectures and other academic events; and internships and diffusion programmes for delegations from India.

Through this, the Centre aims to contribute to capacity and skills development by working with governments, community leaders, businesses, higher education institutions, think-tanks, and NGOs alongside our alumni to create international networks of academics, business leaders and professionals to link up and debate India in a global future.

An important aim of the South Asia Centre is to engage with the central and state governments through capacity-building initiatives and research-based policy planning. A central component of LSE’s engagement with India has been through its interactions with the Indian government. LSE has had several engagements with different government and parastatal organisations in meaningful dialogue and research; it has also worked with FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and, until recently, hosted the Chevening-Gurukul Programme for mid-career Indians for 15 years, sponsored by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. 

Supporting ‘India: Futures Present’

To curate and sustain a dedicated India programme, the Centre needs to raise funds in committed donations and endowments to drive innovative, cutting-edge research, payable as a capital endowment or through serial deposits over the years. You can support any part of ‘India: Futures Present’ by making a donation of any amount to the South Asia Centre. Your name will be associated with your sponsorship, will appear in all related publicity materials, and will be included in the Annual Report. Please write to Dr Mukulika Banerjee, Director, South Asia Centre, at for further information.