Nader Andrawos

Nader Andrawos

Research Student

Department of Sociology

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Arabic, English
Key Expertise
Social and Political Sociology, Human Rights, Middle East

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Research Topic:

Rights in Revolutionary Times: The Antinomies of Human Rights and the Egyptian Uprising


Professor Chetan Bhatt (Department of Sociology and LSE Human Rights) and Dr Ayça Çubukçu (Department of Sociology and LSE Human Rights) 

Research Interests:

Social and Political Thought; Critical Theory; Human Rights, Middle East Studies; Social Movements; Arab Intellectual History; Sociology of Critique 

Thesis Abstract:

My research examines broad theoretical debates around how human rights are to be conceptualised, and how human rights relate to ideological shifts in thinking about political struggle, critique and utopia. I contrast those theoretical debates to the intellectual, social and legal practices of Egyptian dissidents as they tried to develop a narrative and a praxis oriented towards both human rights and radical change, to see how those local conceptualisations converge or differ from mainstream legal-international frameworks. I use this contrast, then, to critique the limitations of current hegemonic framings of human rights in social and political thought.