Dr Sara Salem

Dr Sara Salem

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Department of Sociology

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About me

I joined the LSE as an Assistant Professor in 2018 after completing a postdoc at the University of Warwick. My main research interests include political sociology, postcolonial studies, Marxist theory, feminist theory, and global histories of empire and imperialism. I am an editor at the journal Historical Materialism, and can be found on Twitter at @saramsalem.

My work explores the connections between postcolonial theory and Marxism, with special attention to the context of Egypt and the period of decolonisation in the mid-twentieth century. I am particularly interested in questions of traveling theory, postcolonial/anti-colonial nationalism, gender and feminist theory, and imperialism. I have recently published articles in journals such as Signs; Interventions: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies; Review of African Political Economy; and the European Journal of Women’s Studies, among others. I am currently working on a book manuscript that looks at the Nasserist era in Egypt through the lens of postcolonial and Marxist theory.

Selected academic publications

2018 - Reading Egypt’s Postcolonial State through Frantz Fanon: hegemony, dependency and development. Interventions: A Journal of Postcolonial Studies.

2018 - Denmark’s quest to socialize the “ghettos”: The dark history of forced assimilation in Europe. Discover Society.

2018 - On transnational feminist solidarity: The case of Angela Davis in Egypt. Signs: Journal of women and culture in society.

2018 – Teaching tool: Intersectionality. I-Peel.

2017 - Critical interventions in debates on the Arab revolutions: centring class. Review of African Political Economy.

2017 - Four Women of Egypt: Memory, Geopolitics and the Egyptian Women’s Movement during the Nasser and Sadat Eras. Hypatia: A journal of feminist philosophy.

2017 - How far does neoliberalism go in Egypt? Gender, citizenship, and the making of the ‘rural’ woman. Review of African Political Economy.

2016 - Intersectionality and its discontents: intersectionality as traveling theory. European Journal of Women’s Studies.

2016 - Old racisms, new masks: On the continuing discontinuities of racism and the erasure of race in European contexts. nineteen sixty nine: an ethnic studies journal.

2015 - Reorientalizing the Middle East: The Power Agenda Setting Post-Arab Uprisings. Middle East Topics and Arguments.

2015 - Revisiting Intersectionality: Reflections on Theory and Praxis. Trans-scripts.

Selected media publications

A Revolutionary Lifeline: Teaching Fanon in Post-Brexit Britain. Historical Materialism.

Race, nation and welfare: Eugenics and the problem of the ‘anti-social’ citizen. The Disorder of Things.

Reading and Mis-Reading Frantz Fanon. The Postcolonialist.

Revisiting the ‘Blue Bra’ incident: Towards a New Agenda for Researching Politics and Popular Culture in Egypt. Jadaliyya.

The Egyptian Military and the 2011 Revolution. Jadaliyyya.