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See Who's who| for a complete list of all people working in the Department and how to contact them. 


We are based on the second floor of St Clement's Building.

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Welcome to the Department of Sociology, which has played a key role in establishing and developing the discipline since 1904. Today we remain committed to providing top quality teaching, and to research and scholarship which is leading the evolution of the social sciences into new intellectual areas and the study of the social problems and ethical dilemmas facing a cosmopolitan and fractured society.

QS World University Rankings 2014 puts the Department first in Europe and fourth in the world for sociology. 

JP Pardo-Guerra         

Cybernetic regulation in the age of algorithmic finance|

'A lawyer, an economist and a Python programer walk into a bar. This is no joke.' Read more of Dr Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra's post on the Socializing Finance blog (link above) or from our blog: Researching Sociology @ LSE, see right.

JP is a specialist in economic sociology and the sociology of markets, co-convenes our new MSc Economy, Risk and Society with Professor Nigel Dodd and Professor Bridget Hutter and is Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department.

Nigel Dodd 2014-crop
Congratulations to Nigel Dodd, who has been promoted to Professor of Sociology.  Professor Mike Savage says 'This is a truly well-deserved recognition of his profile as probably the best social theorist of money in the world, as well as of his outstanding teaching and service to the Department and LSE over many years.'  Professor Dodd will be giving a public lecture at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne on May 22 about Bitcoin, for more on this and other news see News and accolades|.

The one day Precarious Precariat Workshop on 26 March brought together some of the leading and most passionate voices currently involved in debate, research and activism relating to the rising inequalities and increasingly precarious nature of living in Britain.  Speakers included Dr Daniel Laurison, Dr Lisa Mckenzie and Professor Mike Savage from LSE Sociology, see online programme|.


New books by Charis Thompson, Fran Tonkiss and Don Slater

For more information about Good Science (Thompson, MIT Press, Dec 2013), Cities by Design (Tonkiss, Polity Books, Dec 2013) and New Media, Development and Globalization (Slater, Polity Books, Nov 2013) plus more recent books, articles and other publications by LSE Sociology staff, please see under our Publications tab.

National Student Survey 2014|

The National Student Survey is now open for all third year undergraduate students to complete. This is a chance for students to provide feedback on their time at the School and within the Department. The Survey closes on the 30 April.  Follow the link above to take part.
McKenzie_Image crop

On the Frontline: Left Out.  The Other 'Other.'|

Read Lisa Mckenzie's article for Discover Society, the online journal/blog on sociology and social policy, on white working class identity in relation to the military and the reaction to the murder of Lee Rigby. 


How Climate Change Might Save the World?|

If you missed Ulrich Beck's public lecture on 27 February, or would like to read more about the topic, follow the link above to this interview for EUROPP - LSE's European Politics and Policy blog.  Ulrich Beck is Visiting Professor in the Department of Sociology.

New and recent publications by LSE Sociology faculty (scroll down for articles and reports):


Good Science: The Ethical Choreography of Stem Cell Research|

Charis Thompson, MIT Press, December 2013

After a decade and a half, human pluripotent stem cell research has been normalized. There may be no consensus on the status of the embryo—only a tacit agreement to disagree—but the debate now takes place in a context in which human stem cell research and related technologies already exist. In this book Charis Thompson investigates the evolution of the controversy over human pluripotent stem cell research in the United States and proposes a new ethical approach for “good science."

Charis Thompson is Professor of Sociology at LSE.


Cities by Design: The social life of urban form|

Fran Tonkiss, Polity Books, December 2013

Who makes our cities, and what part do everyday users have in their design? This new book by Cities Programme director Professor Fran Tonkiss shows that city-making is a social process, and examines the close relationship between the social and physical shaping of urban environments.

'Tonkiss is among the most insightfully spatial of urban sociologists...' Professor Edward Soja, UCLA.

Fran Tonkiss is Professor of Sociology at LSE.


New Media, Development and Globalization: Making Connections in the Global South|

Don Slater, Polity Books, November 2013

New media, development and globalization are the key terms through which the future is being imagined and performed in governance, development initiatives and public and political discourse. Yet these authoritative terms have arisen within particular cultural and ideological contexts. In using them, we risk promoting over-generalized and seemingly unchallengeable frameworks for action and knowledge production which can blind us to the complex global patterns and promise of social reality.

Don Slater is Reader in the Department of Sociology at LSE.

Friese Cloning Wild Life cover

Cloning Wild Life: Zoos, Captivity, and the Future of Endangered Animals|

Carrie Friese, NYU Press, September 2013


"...Carrie Friese adds a whole new dimension to the study of reproduction, illustrating vividly and persuasively how social and biological reproduction are inextricably bound together, and why this matters.”—Sarah Franklin, author of Dolly Mixtures: the Remaking of Genealogy.

Carrie Friese is associate professor in the Department of Sociology.


Transforming Urban Economies:  Policy lessons from European and Asian cities
|Andrea Colantonio, Richard Burdett, Phillipp Rode, Routledge, July 2013 

The first in an ongoing series of research volumes by LSE Cities, providing insights into how cities can respond positively to challenges such as regional and national economic decline, globalisation and world recession.

Andrea Colantonio is Senior Researcher at LSE Cities, Ricky Burdett is Professor of Urban Studies, Department of Sociology and Director of LSE Cities and the Urban Age programme, Philipp Rode is Executive Director and Senior Research Fellow, LSE Cities.

Follow link above to the flyer for this book for a 20% discount.

Recent articles, reports and other publications include:

An article by Dr Carrie Friese with Claire Marris (KCL) for  PLOS Biology 25 March 2014: Making De-Extinction Mundane?|

An article by Dr Don Slater in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour Vol 13 Issue 2 March/April 2014: Ambiguous Goods and Nebulous Things|.

An article by Dr David Madden in the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research March 2014: Neighborhood as Spatial Project: Making the Urban Order on the Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront|.

An article by Dr Lisa Mckenzie for Discover Society, Issue 6, March 2014: On the Frontline: Left Out.  The Other 'Other'|.

An  article by Dr Laurie Hanquinet (York), Dr Henk Roose (Ghent) and Professor Mike Savage on The Eyes of the Beholder: Aesthetic Preferences and the Remaking of Cultural Capital| in Sociology Volume 48 Issue 1, February 2014

An article by Dr Suzanne Hall in Ethnic and Racial Studies published online 5 December 2013: Super-diverse street: a ‘trans-ethnography’ across migrant localities|.

An article by Professor Chetan Bhatt in Theory, Culture and Society published online 5 November 2013: The Virtues of Violence: The Salafi-Jihadi Political Universe|.

An article by Professor Bridget Hutter and Professor Sally Lloyd-Bostock in The British Journal of Sociology, 64 (Sep 2013): 383–404: Risk, interest groups and the definition of crisis: the case of volcanic ash|

An essay by Dr Claire Moon in a special section of the latest issue of the journal Crime, Media, Culture (Aug 2013) dedicated to Stan Cohen's indelible contribution to criminology and human rights. Moon's contribution is entitled Looking without seeing, listening without hearing: Cohen, denial and human rights|. 'Stan Cohen (1942-2013): An Appreciation' also included contributions by Nachman Ben-Yehuda, Eugene McLaughlin and Jock Young.

An article by Dr Fran Tonkiss in City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action (Volume 17, Issue 3, 2013): Austerity urbanism and the makeshift city|.

An article by Dr Carrie Friese in Current Anthropology 54(7): Realizing Potential in Translational Medicine: The Uncanny Emergence of Care as Science|.

A  report for the British Politics and Policy at LSE blog by Professor Mike Savage on the results of the largest British class survey ever conducted: The British class system is becoming more polarised between a prosperous elite and a poor ‘precariat’|.


Nationalism, Internationalism and Cosmopolitanism: Some lessons from modern Indian history

Speaker: Professor Partha Chatterjee

3 April 2014

Nationalism, Internationalism and Cosmopolitanism podcast|

Latour War and Peace poster crop     

War and Peace in Time of Ecological Conflicts

Speaker: Professor Bruno Latour

20 February 2014 

War and Peace video and podcast|

Old new politics of class hats  

The Old New Politics of Class

Speaker: Professor Mike Savage
Discussant: Professor Bev Skeggs

20 November 2013

The Old New Politics of Class video and podcast|

For more events, past and forthcoming, plus podcasts and videos, please see our Events| and Past Events| pages.