Dr Saad Alsharrah

Dr Saad Alsharrah

Visiting Fellow

Middle East Centre

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Arabic, English
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Middle East

About me

Saad was a Short-term Visiting Fellow with Kuwait Programme in the LSE Middle East Centre in 2019.

Saad is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consultant at the Dasman Diabetes Institute (DDI) and concurrently a Visiting Fellow in the Health Research Institute, University of Canberra in the Spatial Epidemiology Group. He is the principal collaborator and member-architect of the DDI-UC Geohealth Initiative – a collaborative project between DDI and UC that focuses on building the capacity to enable researchers perform spatially-based research to evaluate geographic variation driving glycemic disease.

Saad’s emphasis is on the use of a spatial lens to understand the complexity of diabetes in terms of features of the social and environmental contexts and the use of spatial statistics to identify disease clusters and investigate any correlations to certain demographic characteristics. More broadly, Saad’s research looks at spatial modelling and applying spatial technologies for health, social, urban and environmental applications.

Expertise Details

Kuwait; Health Geography; Geospatial Analysis; Spatial modelling; Remote Sensing; Satellite Image Analysis