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Lectures, Seminars & Book Launches

LSE hosts a wide and varied range of Middle East events, including public lectures, seminars, book launches and conferences. Events are open to the public and are free of charge, unless specified otherwise. This list of events includes all Middle East Centre events and other selected Middle East events at LSE.

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Journey Behind the Lines of Jihad: A Conversation with Souad Mekhennet

Wednesday 27 September | 18:30–20:00 | Souad Mekhennet

Register to attend


Trump and the Middle East: Personality, Ideology and Militarisation

Wednesday 11 October | 18:30–20:00 | Toby Dodge

Registration will open on 27 September.


Reorienting the PKK: Rojava and the Political Thought of Abdullah Öcalan

Thursday 12 October | 18:00–19:30 | Joost Jongerden

Registration will open on 27 September.

Social Movements and Popular Mobilisation in the MENA Seminar

Redefining the Political: The Ultras Football 'Movement' in Egypt

Tuesday 17 October | 17:15–19:15 | Rabab El-Mahdi

Registration will open on 3 October.

Co-Organised by the Society for Algerian Studies

Searching for the 'Post' in 'Postcolonial': reflections on studying contemporary Algeria

Wednesday 18 October | 18:00–19:30 | Michael Willis

Registration will open on 4 October.


Middle East Centre Students Reception

Thursday 19 October | 17:30–19:00

Registration will open on 5 October.


And Then God Created the Middle East and Said 'Let there be breaking news and analysis'

Monday 6 November | 18:30–20:00 | Karl reMarks

Registration will open on 23 October.


Demographic Challenges for Sustainable Development in the Middle East

Wednesday 15 November | 18:00–19:30 | Valeria Cetorelli

Registration will open on 1 November.


Enemies and Neighbours: Arabs and Jews in Palestine and Israel

Wednesday 29 November | 18:30–20:00 | Ian Black

Registration will open on 15 November.

Co-Organised by the Society for Algerian Studies

Bombs, Bridges and Biography: Lessons for the Present from the Father of Algeria?

Wednesday 6 December | 18:30–20:00 | Tom Woerner Powell

Registration will open on 22 November.