Past Events 2019

mosul cameras 500-733

A Fragmented Landscape: Barriers to Independent Media in Iraq

Tuesday 11 June | 18:00 - 19:30 | Aida Al-Kaisy, SOAS University of London

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Syrian Women's Political Movement 500-733
Hosted by the Centre for Women Peace and Security and LSE Middle East Centre

A Feminist Perspective of the Syrian Political Process

Monday 10 June | 18:30 -20:00 | Kholoud Mansour, Wejdan Nassif and Lina Wafai, Syrian Women’s Political Movement (SWPM)

kurdish women fighters 500-733

The Kurdish Women’s Movement: On Revolution, Militarism and Body Politics

Tuesday 4 June | 16:00 - 17:30 | Isabel Käser, Centre for Gender Studies at SOAS University of London

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mohammad-mosaddeq 250-366

The 1953 Coup in Iran: About Oil or Communism?

Wednesday 29 May | 18:30 - 20:00 | Ervand Abrahamian, Baruch College and the Graduate Center at City University of New York

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An AKP supporter -Leonie Balci-500-733
Hosted by Contemporary Turkish Studies and Middle East Centre at LSE

Paving the Way: The politics of Turkey’s central government spending under AKP rule

Thursday 23 May | 16:00 –17:30 | Davide Luca, Cambridge University and LSE Middle East Centre

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Hosted by Department of Geography and Environment, Department of Sociology and the Middle East Centre at LSE

Displaceability: A New Foundation of Urban Citizenship?

Thursday 21 March | 16:00 - 17:30 | Oren Yiftachel, Ben-Gurion University, Israel and Visiting Leverhulme Professor, UCL, UK

factory in tunisia 500-733

Mediterranean Production Networks and the Economies of North Africa

Thursday 21 March | 16:00 - 17:30 | Shamel Azmeh, University of Manchester and LSE Middle East Centre; Abeer Elshennawy, The American University in Cairo. 

Civil Society in Algeria 500-733
Hosted by Society for Algerian Studies and Middle East Centre

Civil Society in Algeria: Activism, Identity and the Democratic Process

Tuesday 19 March | 18:00 - 19:30 | Jessica Northey, Coventry University

carlos latuff's egypt cartoon 500-733

The Prince and the Minotaur: Egypt in the Labyrinth of Counter-Revolution

Monday 18 March | 17:15 - 19:15 | Brecht de Smet, Ghent University

Arab Urban 500-733
Hosted by LSE Cities and the Middle East Centre

Contradictions in Contemporary Urbanisation: Cities of the Arabian Peninsula

Monday 11 March | 18:30 - 20:00 | Harvey Molotoch, New York University; Davide Ponzini, Politecnico di Milano; Fran Tonkiss, LSE

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Brismes Careers Panel 500-733
Hosted by BRISMES and the Middle East Centre

Middle East Careers Panel

Thursday 7 March | 17:15 - 18:30 | Omar Al-Ghazzi, LSE; Sophie Rudland, IB Tauris; Priscilla Toffano, LSE Middle East Centre and IMF; Angeline Turner, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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Preventing Statelessness among Migrants in North Africa

Friday 1 March | 08:30–17:00

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Rabin and Arafat-500-733

Transitional Justice in Israel-Palestine: Lessons from Colombia

Thursday 28 February | 16:00–17:30 | Yoav Kapshuk, Kinneret College

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Women's March Beirut 500-733

Sexualities and LGBT Activism in the Middle East and North Africa

Tuesday 26 February | 18:30–20:00 | Mehammed Mack, Smith College; Cenk Ozbay, Sabanci University; Roula Seghaier, Kohl Journal; Silvia Quattrini, Chouf.

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Tunisian Army 250x366

The Return of the Military: Hybridity, Duality, and Political Activism

Wednesday 13 February | 18:30–20:00 | Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center

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documenting syria 500x733

Documenting Syria: Filmmaking, Video Activism and Revolution

Tuesday 12 February | 18:00–19:30 | Joshka Wessels, Lund University

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yarmouk river 500x733

The Transboundary Politics of the Yarmouk River

Tuesday 5 February | 18:00-19:30 | Mark Zeitoun, University of East Anglia

Club Med UK Man in Egyptian Fields Flickr 500x733

Intellectuals, Fellahin and Emancipatory Politics in Rural Egypt: A Gramscian Reading

Monday 4 February | 17:15-19:15 | Francesco de Lellis, University of Naples "L'Orientale"

israel-basic-law 500x733

Israel's Basic Law: Motivations and Ramifications

Wednesday 30 January | 18:00–19:30 | Amal Jamal, Tel Aviv University

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Israeli-Gulf Relations and Changing Middle Eastern Geopolitics

Tuesday 22 January | 18:00–19:30 | Ian Black, LSE Middle East Centre

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jim muir 500x733

Four Decades of Reporting Change in the Middle East

Wednesday 16 January | 18:30–20:00 | Jim Muir, BBC News and LSE Middle East Centre

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LSE MEC Director Dr Michael Mason and PhD Candidate Muna Dajani in collab with @BirzeitUniv organised a summer work……


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